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Exemption from traffic laws doesn't exempt you from safe driving

…With Appropriate Care

Being exempt from regular traffic laws doesn’t exempt apparatus operators & company officers from ensuring safe driving

By Scott Cook

On April 9, AOL Autos published an article titled, “‘We Run Red Lights for a Living’: Inside A Fire Engine Driver’s Mind.” The article in and of itself is pretty informative, with quotes from a Boston Fire Department engineer such as: “There’s a fire there, there’s still gonna be… Continue

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What You Need to Know to Properly Spot & Stabilize an Aerial


Ready, Set … Proper aerial spotting & stabilizing requires a thorough knowledge of your rig

By Peter F. Kertzie

Local carnivals move and set up several times, often weekly, as they move from town to town. The North Bailey Fire Department was in view from my bedroom window in the house I grew up in. Each year, the department held a firefighter carnival, complete with a ring toss, chicken barbecue, refreshment tent and… Continue

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“Ready, Set, Go!” program simplifies & emphasizes wildland fire safety education


The SoCal Way

“Ready, Set, Go!” program simplifies & emphasizes wildland fire safety education

By Jim Crawford

By the time this article is published, the wildfire season will have passed yet again. Although people continue to argue about whether and how much climate change is caused by humans, the intensity and duration of the fire season seems to be getting worse.

Southern California is to wildfire… Continue

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Notes from a Rookie Firefighter

Notes from a Rookie Firefighter...October 22, 2009

Almost every day I have an egg sandwich at this tiny diner across the street from my office. While I was walking to the diner today, the fire alarm went off in Chatham. I passed a little girl walking with her Mom and the child was holding her hands over her ears. She yelled, "Mom, what's that noise?" The mom mumbled something about the sound being the railroad, which happens to run behind the Chatham firehouse. It wasn't my place to… Continue

Added by Denise Imperiale on October 22, 2009 at 3:35pm — 1 Comment

Combat Challenge 2009 Rolls into Germany

Combat Challenge ’09: Tour hits Europe before coming to exciting conclusion next month

Story & Photo by Paul O. Davis, PhD

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine that it was 19 years ago that the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge was launched with fairly humble beginnings at the drill tower at the Maryland Fire Rescue Institute (MFRI). Now with interest spanning the globe, all eyes are directed to the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas, where more than 750… Continue

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Random Thoughts From a Linear Thinker

Now that I am working emergency response full-time, I have noticed something that I haven't seen in a long while. I've been working 9 - 5 (basically) since mustering out of the Marine Corps. A few years ago I began volunteering as a firefighter and EMT. Now full-time as an EMT, I have noticed that the "atmosphere" is basically the same as when I was on Active-Duty - we're dragging through stretches of complete boredom, punctuated by brief periods of excitement. (The original quote is for "sheer… Continue

Added by George A. Laiacona III on October 22, 2009 at 10:53am — 2 Comments

Community Support Helps You Earn $10,000 for Your Department

A Community Pledge to “Be Fire Smart” Can Earn Local Fire Departments $10,000 in Funding from Liberty Mutual Insurance

Local Residents Support Their Fire Departments by Testing Fire Safety Knowledge at www.BeFireSmart.com

With less than a quarter of U.S. fire departments operating with sufficient budgets, according to a 2008 National Fire Protection Association survey, 10 departments can now turn to… Continue

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Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery Program - What is Your Department Doing?

For the past 22 years, the IAFC and Energizer have worked together to remind communities across the country about the importance of fire safety through the Change Your Clock Change Your Battery® program. This fall, the program urges people to change smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries when changing clocks back to standard time on November 1.

More than 6,000 fire departments use this program to reach out to their communities with this live-saving information. Thanks… Continue

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The Place to Start When Building a Station

Fire Station Design Symposium provides all you need to know, from strategic planning to furnishings

By Robert Tutterow

The design and construction of a fire station are a major undertaking and investment for any community. Mistakes can be very costly and often carry an impact for decades. Did you know that the maintenance and operating of a fire station cost far more than the initial construction? Did you know there are many things you can do with design and materials to… Continue

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Operational Firefighting: The Unknown Art

Military operations provide a model for the fireground

By Chief Warren Whitley

Most firefighters and officers are familiar with the terms “strategy” and “tactics” as applied to firefighting operations. However, the true operational level of firefighting is not discussed much in firefighting literature nor overtly addressed in our practices. Because we traditionally use military terms to describe our work, including references to fire as the “enemy,” it’s useful to discuss… Continue

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Safety Tips for Working in the Water


Water rescue requires absolute adherence to safety precautions

By Fred LaFemina

Photo Cary Ulrich

In January, a commercial jetliner made an emergency landing into the Hudson River. This may not be a common occurrence, but domestic flight patterns in the United States put aircraft everywhere, which underscores that we must be ready for the almost unimaginable. The U.S. Airways crash was a rarity, for sure, but water operations are… Continue

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Fighting Fire Without Breathing Apparatus ("Good Morning")

Can you fight/ penetrate Fire with out breathing apparatus? Here in the Philippines we fight fire without breathing apparatus ,here in my Place(Cagayan De Oro City) I do not know what breathing apparatus is because we have none and i don't even see what kind of thing is that .What we use to protect ourselves in times of conflagration is by using a Good Morning,Do you know what Good morning is ? That's not what you Think, Good morning Is a brand of towel here in the Philippines.What we do is to… Continue

Added by aris ramoso on October 13, 2009 at 2:23pm — 4 Comments

FireRescue magazine's parent company helps IAFC provide Explorer scholarships

IAFC Foundation Announces 2009 Scholarship Winners: Awards Help First Responders Further Their Fire Service Education

The IAFC Foundation’s Board is pleased to announce that $30,000 is being awarded to 33 first responders representing a range of departments and ranks to further advance their fire service education.

In these difficult economic times, the IAFC Foundation increased its total level of support for first… Continue

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Allinson Receives 2009 NVFC Lifetime Achievement Award

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) bestowed its 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award to Fred G. Allinson, a volunteer firefighter from Washington State. With a distinguished record of service, including six years as NVFC Chairman and 39 years as a volunteer firefighter, Allinson’s accomplishments exemplify outstanding performance. The NVFC Lifetime Achievement Award is sponsored by… Continue

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Fall Webinar Series: Gain the Knowledge and Solutions You Need

The IAFC has announced its fall webinar series. These webinars are open to both IAFC members and non-members.

Scheduled topics and dates:

Tues., Oct. 13: A Pandemic’s Effect on EMS Operations

Thurs. Oct. 15: H1N1: Continuity of Operations and Workforce Issues

Tues. Oct. 20: Lightweight Construction Performance Under Fire Conditions

Thurs. Oct. 22: Lightweight Truss Construction Case Study Tues.

Tues. Nov. 3: Making the Pieces Fit - Through Cooperative… Continue

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Tips for Venting Commercial Fires


Is It Safe Above? Tips for assessing roof conditions & initiating ventilation at commercial fires

By Michael M. Dugan

Fires at commercial occupancies are one of the most difficult operations firefighters and officers encounter. These fires are resource intensive and dangerous, and our record of performance at such fires is hardly perfect. Roof ventilation during a fire in a commercial structure is a key tactic for… Continue

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Alabama Responders Complete Challenging Auger Rescue


Alabama Responders Complete Challenging Auger Rescue

By Tom Vines

Rescues involving auger entrapment can be extremely daunting and intimidating calls.

(Note: A typical auger consists of a continuous corkscrew blade on a long metal shaft surrounded by a round metal tube. Augers are often used to move material such as shelled corn or grain from a lower end where the product is placed, to a higher end where it is discharged. Augers… Continue

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Nozzlehead: National fire service orgs represent their dues-paying members


It's Business: National fire service organizations stand up for their dues-paying members

Editor's Note: An abbreviated version of Nozzlehead's response to this letter appeared in the October issue of FireRescue magazine.

Dear Nozzlehead: Once again the disunity and parochial side of the fire service (career vs. volunteer) rears its ugly head—this time in the form of the fire union rep’s recent testimony to Congress… Continue

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Make the Jump: Plyometric exercises build vital leg muscle power

Survival of the Fittest

Story & Photos by Jeff & Martha Ellis

Powerful legs can come in handy at a number of typical emergency scenes. Everything from climbing stairs to lifting a heavy patient to breaching a ceiling becomes a bit easier when you have the ability to generate power with your lower extremities.

Muscle power is different from muscle strength or endurance. Slow, controlled movements develop muscle strength… Continue

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Spokane Firefighters Perform High-Angle Rescue of Fallen Climber


Spokane Firefighters Perform High-Angle Rescue of Fallen Climber

By Tom Vines

As the popularity of rock climbing increases, so does the number of rock climbing-related accidents and injuries. A study published in the online issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine revealed a 63 percent increase in the number of patients treated in U.S. emergency departments for rock climbing-related injuries between 1990 and 2007, with more than… Continue

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