This is a kind of touchy subject because every person is different and how they handle stress is myriad as well.

there are those of us who are Cursed with a photographic memory and in our line of work the trauma we deal with can take its toll in ptsd.

now many people would say its not a curse but a blessing! NOT REALLY!!

no matter how long it goes on a stressful event can be likened to an angry crow in your head screaming at regular intervals in your ear so you never forget it..

here is why you should never hold it in. stress buildup can do physical damage to your body by raising your blood pressure to dangerous levels. short term stress is usually not dangerous but but sustained elevated BP will overtax your heart, damage kidneys and liver, not to mention put you at a very high risk for aneurysm and stroke.

do not be afraid to talk to someone about it. Asking for help is not a weakness but a great exhibit of strength.

you do not need to be a psychiatrist to talk to but you need to recognize the signs, more quiet than normal, withdrawn and depressed, and noticed increase in alcohol consumption.

many departments have an chaplain and while he or she may be of one particular religion it does not stop him or her from talking with others to help assuage and alleviate stress.

a good example at my last command (navy) one of the chaplains was a Muslim and he had a gift for counseling people no matter what their religion was (I am an Atheist myself and we spent many hours discussing differences in religions) and to this day I am lucky to count him as a friend.

the point Im making here is Talk to someone and Dont hold it in! Your health will be the better for it.

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Comment by Raymond Dean (Boyd) Cooper on August 14, 2020 at 10:30am
Your right 100%. I stuffed it. And it ended my career. Chronic PTSD.

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