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El narwy warns the world about the dangers of climate

Nahrawi warns the world of the dangers of climate

Dr. Mustafa Al-Nahrawi, expert and strategist for public safety and risk and crisis management, warns through the "Fire Nation" website.

That the world be vigilant and prepared, to deal with dangers at any time due to climate caused by human causes.

points out dr. Mustafa Al-Nahrawi indicated that the potential dangers of climate change from green and dry land…


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Firefighter's Parade 2021


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Save Cost on Retail Packaging Boxes with Real-Time Stock Report

Retail Packaging Boxes are perhaps the second most utilised boxes in the industry after cash registers. Many companies widely use them for various products, including groceries, confectioneries, snacks, bottled drinks, grocery and retail products, optical supplies, shoes, accessories, toys, equipment, electronic and electrical appliances, etc. 

The variety of products that companies can sell in a single store is definitely massive. Hence, wholesale boxes are…


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Our PFOS/PFOA webinar is this evening at 6:30 PM. We have six key individuals who have all played unique roles in the efforts to rid our turnout gear…

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This Tuesday - Webinar 6:30 PM EDT on PFOS In Our Gear

This Tuesday at 6:30 PM, please join us for our PFOS/Gear Webinar with a great panel and with the latest info!
Tix available at…

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One Week Until Our PFOS/PFOA Webinar

We are less than ONE week away from our webinar, "PFOS/PFAS How We Can and Will Move Ahead to a Safer Future," on Tuesday evening, August 31st at 6:30 PM EDT.

If you have concerns about these forever chemicals in our bunker gear, (both new and used, dating back to 1977!) them this webinar is for you! The presenters are each leaders in their field, including IAFF General President, Ed Kelly, Attorney Rob Bilott of the Taft Law Group, Graham Peaslee, PhD., Notre Dame Univ., Firefighter…


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Moving Past PFOS/PFAS in Our Bunker Gear!

Do you follow "gross decon" protocols? Is your gear properly cleaned after ANY fire, from dumpster to apartment complex? What about what's in your gear?
Join us on 8/31 at…

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Check Out Our Season 6 Premiere Episode!

Today, we launched our sixth season of our podcast, "5-Alarm Task Force." My guest is Todd LeDuc, Executive Assistant Chief (ret) for Broward County Sheriff's Office Division of Fire-Rescue and Chief Strategy Officer for Lifescan Wellness Centers.Todd will explain how, more than a decade ago, he came to bring Lifescan Wellness Centers to Broward Fire Rescue and the lives that have been saved due to early detection of mostly, asymptomatic conditions!

We also announce what the First and…


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Join Our Webinar on How We Will Move Beyond PFOS/PFOA

If you're in the fire service, the past few years we've heard a lot about PFOS/PFAS. But few, if any of us, will leave this job we love, because of it.
We've learned a good deal since then and want to share with you what "tomorrow" may look like, Join us for our…

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Join Our Webinar on How We Will Move Beyond PFOS/PFOA

If you're a member of the great family of firefighters, you've probably either heard of or read something about the terms, "PFOS/PFOA" or the term, "forever chemicals."Over the last several years, with thanks to many in the fire service, the trades and even researchers who study carcinogens that we face in, we've learned they have been found in the AFFF we used for years and even in our bunker gear.…

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The Future Of Continuing Education In Fire Service

Most people think of firefighting as a purely physical job, and it’s not hard to see why. Firefighters need to have the strength and stamina to carry heavy equipment, withstand brutal conditions and endure many hours in the field. However, the mental side of the job is just as important. The men and women of your local fire department have to bring a lot of specialized knowledge with them when they arrive on the scene of a call. They must be ready to recall their training for each situation…


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Reducing and Managing the Trauma That First Responders Experience

Few professions command as much respect as first responders. First responders rush to help when others would flee; they put themselves in harm’s way to save lives; and they work tirelessly to respond to emergencies and prevent them from getting worse. Yet, the very nature of their work puts first responders at higher risk of physical and emotional health issues. Here is a closer look at some of the dangers these workers face, as well as how to minimize the…


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Provide better equipment for fire trucks

 As a manufacturer of safety equipment manufacturer, our goal is to provide all firefighters with better equipment so that they can complete their work faster and safer.

Our large electronic flashing arrow panels afford for fire trucks, that can install on vehicle rear and roof to get warring effect.…


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MAYDAY!! - MAYDAY!! - Do You Know What to Do?

Whether you're a career or volunteer firefighter, you have probably learned how to declare a MAYDAY, if you find yourself in unexpected danger. You may also have learned and trained to be a member of a RIT/RIC team. But,…

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Episode 5- 10 - Chief Dan Kerrigan & Capt. Jim Moss

Firefighter health, wellness and fitness-for-duty – you have often heard us address these topics because they define our abilities as firefighters. If you do not take care of yourself, how do you expect to be able to care for others?

Our returning guests, Chief Dan Kerrigan and Capt. Jim Moss, have dedicated themselves to teaching just how important these topics are, not just by learning about them, but by embracing their values and making these values part of your life. If you want…


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Special Episode to Introduce Tom Mitten & F.R.E.T.

There have been any number of changes here at the “5-Alarm Task Force” podcast since we started in Fall of 2016. Our guest list is amazing, we have recorded over 150 episodes, we are on every major (and numerous, “minor”) podcast platforms and we have listeners in over 40 countries and, we moved to the Zoom platform! You might think we have attained all our goals. Nope!


If you are a regular listener, you know that we recently added a new monthly installment of the series,…


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Episode 5- 8 - How to Leand the Fire Service for the Next 50 Years" with Dr. Burton A. Clark, EFO

From the newest cadet to the 30-year firefighter, we have all become part of the “fire culture.” We enjoy hearing stories from the senior folk and cannot help but to juxtapose those stories to this fire service in 2020. Lots of changes and adaptations have occurred. For some we know the reason and for others, we have no idea. Most of those changes came about through the first person who thought about them. They shared that idea with others and, sometimes soon and sometimes much later, those…


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Episode 5-7 – Robert A. Bilott, Esq. – The Fight Against PFAS/PFOS

We fight fire, we fight HAZMAT, we rescue the ill and injured. And we don’t think twice about doing so. This is who we are and what we do. However, imagine that your enemy is unseen, yet deadly. You have no way to protect yourself, not your gear, or SCBA! What do you do?


That is part of question raised by attorney Robert Bilott. If you saw the…


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New Firefighter Created Nonprofit to Help Fireghiters in dire Need

Firefighter’s Podcast Creates Non-Profit to Benefit First Responders

A Disabled Firefighter & Friends Seek to Help Firefighters in Need


[Coral Springs FL October 7, 2020] — The firefighting podcast, “5-Alarm Task Force,” launched the non-profit, “5-Alarm Task Force Corp.” The non-profit will support firefighters and other first responders, as well as their families.


Steve Greene, a former volunteer…


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