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The Future Firefighter: Episode 1988

“Success isn’t done by looking out the window, it is done by looking in the mirror.”

- Chief Dave…


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The Future Department of Defense Firefighter

Protecting Those Who Defend America.” – Bill Killen, Director, Navy Fire & Emergency Services, 1985 - 2004…


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The Future Firefighter: Episode 1952

Tune in for the next episode of The Future Firefighter, Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio Show with Christopher Connelly, Regional Fire Chief, Navy Region Southwest Fire & Emergency Services Federal Fire with co-host Deputy Chief Jacob McAfee as we discuss opportunities in the Federal Fire Service as a Department of…


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“There is no award for doing your job” - public expectations of the modern fire service.

The top priority of most Fire Service Organizations is the satisfaction of the public and professional image. Let me ask you today,  how does one attain that? When the public calls for our assistance from the most minor medical call, to a residential lockout, to a fire in a building we are expected to operate in a efficient and professional manner.  The public expects us to run into that burning building, the public expects us to render aid to that person, they expect us to help them in any…


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The Future Firefighter: Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio Show with Fire Chief Reggie Freeman

(Photo Credits: Patrick Raycraft, Hartford Courant).

Reggie Freeman, CFO, FIFireE…


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National Fire Heritage Center


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What is your daily firehouse routine? Adding Stability to a job full of the unknown.

It is your first shift back from a nice relaxing family vacation. You come into the station relaxed and ready to get back to your crew and the job you love.  You notify the firefighter you are relieving of your arrival and go to your locker and grab your equipment. You walk over to the engine as your assignment for the day is the Lead Off Nozzleman.

What is your first step? 

For myself, I start at the off going crew member. I ask about the prior shifts, what tools were used,…


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Where Do I Start To Become A Future Firefighter?


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Service Beyond Self

(Photo Credits: Top - Noah Berger, Lower Left: Matthew Henderson, Lower Right: Parra Photography).…


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The Firefighter Cancer Initiative - Re-Visit Our Podcast With Participating Doctors

Due to the level of importance this podcast bears, I am releasing it today in hopes that many of you will have the opportunity of listening to it over the weekend. Keeping with this important topic, I am following up the previous two “summer” shows with one we recorded this past March, featuring Alberto Caban-Martinez, DO, PhD and Natasha Schaefer-Solle, PhD, RN of the University of Miami, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Care Centers, along with…

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Bursting The 3rd World Myth - Fire Engines Don't Fight Fires, They Are Just Tools To !

Though an International Emergency Management Practitioner, I come from a developing Country Kenya, or if you may a third world Country for that matter. What is amazing in Kenya and I believe in most African Countries, is our fixation especially those in leadership positions, particular the finance decision makers on a myth.

They tend to believe that for a County or local Government Fire Service to be deemed efficient it all boils down to having new fire engines, which rather enforces…


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The Power of The Word - WHY

(Photo Credits: Author)

“The best tool for fire attack is your brain. The only limits to maximizing its effectiveness are the barriers you put…


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I was like many of you. I had heard on the news or had read in one of the trade journals, that firefighters had been diagnosed with cancer. It often pointed to FDNY and these were firefighters who had worked, so determinedly, on the Pile left after the collapse of the WTC on 9|11. However, as I was about to learn, this was just the tip of the iceberg, as they say.


This “Out-of-the-Vault” episode of “5-Alarm Task Force,” takes us back to March 2017. My guest was Bill Banks, a…


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Physical Fitness Standards To Save Lives: Ours And Theirs

Physical Fitness Standards To Save Lives: Ours And Theirs


            Cardiac events are a leading cause of line of duty deaths among firefighters. The NFPA reports that in 2016 the leading cause of fire scene deaths for firefighters was sudden cardiac arrest at 38% of the total of firefighter fatalities (Firefighter Deaths, n.d.). While the cardiac impact that firefighting has on the heart does include aspects that we cannot…


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The Future Firefighter: Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio Show with Assistant Chief Juratovac

“All that I am I owe, I live eternally in the red.”– Dr. Carl Holmes…


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Episode 62 - LEADERSHIP: An Introspective Analysis

The word, “leadership,” especially in the ranks of first responders, is bandied about by many. And for all those that participate in this conversation, there are probably at least, twice or three times the number of definitions of what leadership is in emergency services. In this podcast, our guest, Asst. Chief John Luca of Boca Raton Fire-Rescue Services, provides us with a new and deeper definition of the term and strongly encourages us to look inward first, before we even think of leading…


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The Attributes of Leading

(Photo Credits: B Shifter Magazine).

I recently attended a train-the-trainer class…


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"The TIC: Friend, Foe or In Between?"

One of the most important tools that the modern fire service is the T.I.C. or thermal imaging camera. While it’s first use that resulted in the saving of a human life is traced back to 1985 in London, due to cost and development factors, it is believe that the first U.S. fire department to purchase one for regular use was Seattle in 1997. Just over 20 years later, the tool is ubiquitous in the fire service, with most, but the smallest, having at…

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Does Social Media Belong in Today’s Fire Service?


Today, almost everyone has a smart phone and endless opportunities to record life in real time, the good and the bad. Fire departments must now embrace the social media world in which we live. But what role does social media play in the fire service?…


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"You Don't Know What You Don't Know" = Part II

In Part II of our interview with retired Battalion Chief, John Cagno of the N. Providence RI Fire Department, we hear how the young, injured, "firefighter" Cagno, had to fight against the odds of getting his old job back.
While recovering from his severe injuries, he never took his eyes of the bullseye - coming back to the job he had idolized since he was a child. However, his wants…

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