-You pay $50 for parking & someone still takes your spot
-You call your teachers to say Happy New Year
-Even though you've never met 1/2 the people in the school you know their life story
-You are on a 1st name basis with the hall monitors
-When they change taco tuesday to taco wednesday but you still can't WAIT for that day
-You eat mashed potatoes for lunch more than once a week
-You are late for class but if you bring the teacher food you're ok
-Your phone rings during class & your teacher answers it
-You know the where abouts of all the hall monitors & teachers at any given time
-No-one knows when anything is because now the announcements are on powerpoint
-You have fat gym teachers
-The exchange students get away with everything
-The only time you ever see the actual principal paveljack is at graduation & prom -You personally invite teachers to prom
-Tim Horton's is way more important than class
-You look forward to the 12 days of christmas because it's just freakin sweet
-People know that there is a drug search the wedensday before prom & still get caught
-You skip lunch & get detention
-Freshman hall smells like cheap hookers
-Beer pong is the most played sport
-You smell burned popcorn in the math hall after 6th period EVERYDAY
-Prom is so huge its at the convention center
-They have breathalizers at prom & homecoming & the bonfire
-People love high school @ lancaster so much they come back to visit more often than they were ever in class
-Somone turns 21 so they finally kick them out
-Graduation is 4 hours long
-You only get 5 tickets to graduation because you have such a huge class
-5 years after graduation your favorite colors are still red & black
-You're sitting @ graduation & you see at least 1/2 the people walk across the stage that you've never seen before
-Being late for health class means push ups & sit ups
-You have a sweet lancaster wrist band
-It doesnt surprise you to see teachers downtown and more wasted than you
-When you've heard Ms. trippy SNEEZE...its hysterical
-You cant park in open parking spots
-You tail gate before football games
-The lancaster depew game is the biggest event of the year and without a doubt someone gets arrested
-You wake up from a quality nap to find 1/2 the class passed out
-The pool has a jell like consistancy
-It takes you 25 min to get down central at 2:15
-Half the student body looks like they didnt even bother to change out of their pjs
-Spark notes it on the favorites list on every computer in the school
-Half the student parking lot consists of cars that are way more expensive than any car that a high schooler should own
-Walking down the hallway you feel like you're in a catalog for a&f
-People are so hypocritical that even the punks & goths label themsleves
-Your counselor is never there because shes probably pregnant again
-The bonfire's just not a bonfire until someone lights themselves on fire
-The legend of the bouncy balls still lives on
-Teachers help you on your final exam
-The freshmen are getting shorter & skankier year by year§

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Comment by Mike Schlags (Captain Busy) Retd on October 5, 2008 at 4:37pm
I will be driving through Lancaster next tuesday. Lancaster is in the upper desert here in Southern California. It is also the home of a large cache of airliners, jets, jumbo jets, and a huge airport where Rich Rattan created the long distance record setting airplanes. It's also the gateway to the Sierra Nevada mountains that includes the highest peak in the continental United States; Mt. Whitney 14,000 plus feet.

Spending a week camping under the stars at the base of these great mountains is always an awesome experience. Where I live,it's on the coast in a town called Santa Barbara, CA. I'm sure where we both live is very different... as well as our jobs... I'll have to catch you when I return in a week and let you know if I caught any fish at the lakes and streams... : )

TCSS, Mike from Santa Barbara

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