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"I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends"

With thanks to the Beatles (OK, Ringo) and the late, great Joe Cocker, that song has moved "mountains" when some couldn't even move "mole hills!" And that title rings true for many, if not most of us.  Of course, it also depends on our ability to discern those who are true friends from those people who are more acquaintances than friends. Often times though, that is difficult to do and it's not unusual for us not to want to make that distinction.

   We wanted to…


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"The Times They Are A Changin'"

We have the great Bob Dylan to thank for those words. Funny how just six words can convey such a strong meaning across so many aspects of life. And for first responders in general and firefighters in particular, times are changing for us at a very rapid pace.

   Even if you've only been on the job for, let's say, five years, you'd got to admit that a great deal about the fire service has changed since 2013! For example, we've seen a great evolution of one of our…


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The Physiological & Mental Stressors of Fighting Fire

We now know, with certainty, that fire is not necessarily our worst enemy on the fireground. Its by-products are! Whether you’re a career, volunteer or paid-on-call firefighter, means that you can no longer approach what you do as a casual job or hobby.

In this, our 51st episode of “5-Alarm Task Force,” Chief Anthony Correia joins us to discuss the specific physiological and mental stressors of fighting fire. His explanation begins with your visceral and mental response to…


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From Chief Johnnie Coonrod


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Personal Duty Standards

Being former military I have a deeply ingrained sense of duty and commitment so I hope this doesn't drive people away, I have seen discord in different departments and jobs caused by drama llamas and the Im special attitudes! (and if anything sours my temper it's that type of Bull crap)

As far as being in a fire department you take an oath to serve and protect your department and its members, and contention in the ranks has no place there

we are better than that

For me…


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Our 50th Episode of "5-Alarm Task Force" and It's for YOU!

If I asked you what is the most important character trait for a firefighter, what would be your answer? Bravery? Strength? Stamina? They all sound imperative, right? Perhaps, but there is more to it than those. What could outrank those three aspects?
Our guest on this, our 50th episode, is Captain/Instructor Chris Baker. In this podcast, Chris explains that it is your desire, no,…

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NEW Fire Rescue Magazine illustration: The Hipster Solution.
Having some fun with another Off Duty Rule cartoon at the expense of our man-bun…

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Finding a New Fire Chief - Do We Look Within or From Outside?

The Chief of Department - a position that many firefighters aspire to and others...well, let's just say they don't aspire to. Yet, when there's a vacancy at the top, someone must be brought onboard to "steer the ship!"
Just like in other businesses, those directed to find a new chief have two ways to choose from:
1. Hire…

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Learn More About One of the Fire Service's Best Protectors & Protector

Our latest episode of "5-Alarm Task Force," is now available, featuring Mr. Steve Austin of the Cumberland Valley Volunteer Fireman's Association. We focus on "struck-bys," those incidents when first responders have been hit and injured or killed while working a busy highway or roadway call.
Find our podcast on our website,…

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March 2018, Remember Them!

 This month of March 2018 has been a very hard month for us in the fire service. We have lost several of our brothers and sister through out the country. We pause to remember them, FL Hollywood FD FF Daryel Richards, GA Cobb County FD FF Stacey L. Boulware,…


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Smoke - What's In It?

OK, so you're a firefighter. You've seen smoke, you've smelled smoke and you may have swallowed a "snoot-full." How was that for you? Yet how much do you know about it? No, not it's behavior, but what's in it! Chief Robert Fling returns to underscore his first visit, "FACEPIECE ON!" And if you're still one of those cowboys who think a firefighter isn't a "real" firefighter until he/she gets their "snoot-full," you're wrong and maybe DEAD wrong.…

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Tragic Week In The Fire Service

It doesn’t matter if you are active or retired, career or volunteer, instructor or student.

“When one hurts. We all hurt. That’s who we are.” - Ryan Pennington…


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This is Who We Are and What We Do!

I do my podcast, "5-Alarm Task Force," for you - my brothers and sisters in the fire service. Today's society is so different than when I grew up. Sometimes, that makes our job tougher. Just look what we have to do to help our communities understand how vital and precious sprinklers are in, at the very least, every new residential structure; not too mention commercial…

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FireBot- New Product to extinguish residential stovetop fires

FireBot, a low cost device that automatically activates in case of a fire to properly extinguish a stovetop fire.

Able to attach to the range hood, unseen, battery operated like a smoke alarm, triggered by an out of control fire, which activates fire suppressant to extinguish any type of fire.


A solution for 50% of all home fires, which start on stovetops, numbering over 116,100 per year costing more than 500 lives, 5,540 injuries, and 1.1 billion dollars in…


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What the Hell is the Fire Service Becoming?

Over 2 years ago, I wrote a post discussing what I felt was happening to the Fire Service and the next generation of firefighters and medics. I just wanted to post it again because I feel it is still relevant and it’s a problem that looks to continue and get worse. I am also seeking feedback and solutions.


From 22 July 2015

”What the hell is the fire service coming to? It is supposed to be a brotherhood / sisterhood. Well, thanks to the “new”…


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The Future Firefighter: Fire Engineering Blog Talk Radio Episode 1761

Building the Unbreakable Future Firefighter…


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Fire Service Cultural Variations

The fire service culture of an “aggressive” nature in its current form may be attributed to dominant ideologies and the subsequent societies that have developed. In order to further identify best practices we must first investigate cultural diffusion and the elements that are allowed to reside within…


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UAS - Unmanned Aerial Systems, aka Drones, in Public Safety

Listen to our latest podcast with Chief Emeritus Charles Werner of the Charlottesville VA Fire Dept., as he discusses the use of UAS - Unmanned Aerial Systems or drones in public safety. Even if your agency is already using one, make sure it is following all federal regulations. They can literally be a lifesaver! Go to our Dalmatian Productions website

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2008 Toyota  Prius small battery episode!

2008 Toyota  Prius small battery episode!

After dinner at 7:00 PM, I jumped in my 2008  Toyota  Prius car and pushed start button. Felt  that I did not push brake enough to start car so pushed start button second time and pushed again with brake pushed. All dash board light illuminated and stayed on with engine check light, as usual they go away immediately and engine runs in another 40 seconds. So I pressed start button to shut down and repeat start three four times.…


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