The past six months have been a mix of old school backyard workouts, body weight excersise, crossfit, running, kettlebells, and free weights. Needless to say, I've seen tramendous results from when I started on this voyage.

In the past month, my coworkers and I have ended our PT sessions running up and down the stairwell of a 4 story building, 4 times, while wearing 25 pound weight vests, and carrying heavy sandbags, ending each set with pushups, crunches, and planks.

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I've been walking to work (1 mile each way) and I've been running the stairs in my apt building (4 flights). It seems to be improving my aerobic health and my legs are getting stronger.
I am back to doing what I love... good hard heavy weight workouts and it feels awesome! I was trying the triathlon training, I was going to run one this summer, I still might, but it's really not my cup of tea. It took me only a couple of months to figure that out!
Crossfit and some other crossfit-ish workouts... loving it!! I'm also taking spinning and doing some good sessions on the treadmill mixed with some nice easy sessions to build up that base (and not just the upper limits).

Yaaaaayyyyyy.... all is right in my life again (at the gym anyway... haha)!

Oh right, and now that holidays are over I'm back to biking to work!! :)
I have been doing a standerd Body Building work out,, Day 1 is chest and Biceps. day 2 is legs and sholders. and day 3 is back and tri's,
On days i cant get to the Gym , I bought a Bow Flex and put it at work for every one to use,, one of the best work out tool out there!! It allows me to go heavy,, I train mostly for size and streangth!!
heyy hows it going im doing alot of free weight workouts and crossfits i love the crossfits, im 17 years old and im in the best shape of alot of my friends, i also run everymorning before i go to school im working out 4 days a week and before i was doing these workouts i was lazy and outa shape but now im fine and i might try and go for a long distance bike ride like through the state or something.
We have all gotten on board with the P90X program. I am currently into my 6th day of the training and it is tough as far as the Yoga goes. The other guys are getting stomped too. Bear in mind, the majority of us are in our late thirties and forties. Nonetheless, everybody is displaying tremedous commitment to the program in it's entirety. That includes the workouts, diet/nutrition and recovery. The Kenpo X is making us all instant bad asses. We are running around the station delivering fatal kicks and chops to the groin! Mainly because we can't kick any higher than each other's crotch. Bring It!!! (I think I tore my sciatic)
I started a new bodyweight exercise program with pushups, pull-ups, crunches, squats etc...we have an agility/fitness test coming up in a few weeks at my department and I know I'm not in shape yet but I'm getting stronger and trying to do a little more each day.
I've been starting with 20 minutes of kettlebells. I then don an SCBA (no mask), pick up a high-rise bundle of 100' of 1 3/4" with a nozzle, and go up/down 2-story training tower 30 times, switching shoulders for the bundle. When I finish that, I drop the bundle, keep the SCBA and walk 2 miles.

I've been doing this for about two months after recovering from some knee issues. I've been adding about 10 stair circuits per week.
For the longest time I was doing straight heavy weight training. I would hit chest on mondays, shoulders and triceps on tuesdays, wednesday was rest, thursday was legs, and friday was back and biceps. I would do cardio seven days a week and I tried to vary the style up just so I didnt get bored.

More recently, like the last three months, I've been trying to get into more of a "fighting" shape. Concentrating on more aerobic style workouts. I got this great video series called SWAT workouts. IDK if it is the actual workouts that SWAT members do, but its a tough workout and still kicks my ass. I also added yoga to my daily routine. Not so much for the relaxation or spiritual stuff, just to be able to strecth out more. While doing it though, I've noticed that it is definatly not an easy workout; it works alot of muscles that I didnt even know I had.
free weight work outs focusing on functional, job related strength. Pull ups, bench press, overhead presses, dead lifts, squats, weighted dips. Walk at high speed on incline carrying 25 lb plate. We are allowed to work out during our shift which is excellent.

if I could just throw the smokes away I would be laughing!!!
Went from doing a normal 3 day mix workout of chest/triceps/biceps/abs/hams/calves to a Hybrid cardio/cross fit regimen. Huge difference between the two workouts results wise and less time in the gym. Its really shown me you have to find what works best not only for the work that we do but for your body type. As well I have been trying to follow a "Paleo diet" its tough to switch over fully and I'm still working away at it slowly but again like the switch over from 3 day mix workout to cross fit the results are very noticeable.
I'm currently training for my upcoming bodybuilding show this next March here in IL. So to say the least my training is very, very intense and not particulary directed towards this field - but that doesn't mean I can't adapt my strength in the gym to a call.

My max PR's before I started cutting :

Barbell Shoulder Shrug : 575
Deadlift : 450
Sumo Deadlift : 375
Bench (weak point) : 255 - 1 board w/ lockouts

Cardio is in check :

Resting BPM : 58
Cardio BPM : 163
10 minutes in SCBA BPM: 132

Lift heavy brothers and sisters!

"Think Twice - React Once, STAY SAFE!"
I work Out 5 days a week an hour a day. Every other day I am on a bike or on the weights . Some days I will do a hour walk


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