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Forming an Emerald Society

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Irish/ Ems/Fire LOGO Tee shirts

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Comment by Bobby O'Connell on March 26, 2010 at 4:58pm
Comment by Michael P. Cain on March 17, 2010 at 8:59am
God Bless all Here!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Comment by Matt Nesius on March 12, 2010 at 2:32pm
Hello all, I wanted to invite you to check out a new site called . Its a site where FFs can buy, sell and trade with other FFs, for Free! Thanks, Stay safe, stay green!
Comment by Chris on February 27, 2010 at 7:44pm
Anyone from NC heading down to The Flying Shamrock in Goldsboro for ST. Patty's.
Comment by Dennis Derry on February 13, 2010 at 6:40pm
St. Patty's comin' soon!!! Can't wait; so I won't. Here's to ya boys and girls.
Comment by Steve McNally on January 13, 2010 at 5:46pm
Hello from Canada...
Comment by D.J. Smith Jr. on October 6, 2009 at 12:17am
Oh bejesus, I went and called Shay a Lass, I'll be puttin the lid back on me jar of Poteen (potcheen) and offerin me appologies to the Lad!
May yer pint always be full Shay! Be safe...
Comment by D.J. Smith Jr. on October 6, 2009 at 12:04am
Now Shay Lass, yeh be right about that yeh know, no sane person would be runnin INTO a burnin building would they now!
Stay safe my friend!!!
Comment by D.J. Smith Jr. on September 28, 2009 at 2:34am
Wanted to be a Cop but wound up a Fire Fighter (the Cop shrink didn't like me, go figure). Just got back from my Sons wedding, consumed some Bushmills, pretty sure I had a good time!!! Stay safe Brothers and Sisters!!!
Comment by Terry Smith on September 21, 2009 at 5:47pm
An Irish Firefighters Toast
To Life, And the Fine Art of Drinking Beer
And Talking Stupid!
by Firefighter Terry Smith (Ret.)

The Irish Firefighters Code of Conduct!

Rule #1
May you never, "ever," drink beer and eat chicken livers;or pickled hearing; on an empty stomach. Especially just before jumping on a fire truck or boarding a plane. Because, gas detector readings will show that you're in need of a complete body scan by one of the new "Homeland Security Colonoscopy Response Teams." Also known as "Deep Probe Six." Ya..I would recommend; from personal experience; that you slam down 2 or 3 pint's of Guinness and a bottle of Irish Whiskey before bending over for that one! It'll help take the edge off; if just for a we bit! Hey...where's me beer?

Rule #2
May you never let your kid's play with chemicals, explosives, or fire. Though they usually pass through that phase, and eventually grow up to be firefighter's. Again, I'm speaking from personal experience. When I was just a we squirt of a lad, me eyes were as big as silver dollars, yet me brain was the size of a dime. Aye, some things never do change. Just ask me wife! Ok, who's that with me wife, and where the hell did me beer go now?

Rule #3
May you always remember that there are two types of firefighters in this crazy world; Irish firefighters and those who wish they were Irish firefighters. Aye, that was a simple one. here!

Rule #4
May you always remember that an Irish firefighter never gets too bloody petrified and senseless to respond to a fire/first responder call! Uh...what was I talking about? Say, where's me keys? Ok...I think I need another Guinness!

Rule #5
May you always remember the 3 most important moments in an Irish firefighter's life!
1. As a rookie; or probie; you learn to drink fast, talk smart and act dumb. And girl's will love you!
2. As a sly veteran; you learn to drink slower (but more often), talk stupid and act wild & crazy! And now, womwn will love you!
3. As a seasoned officer; with gray hair and a foggy memory; you'll suddenly realize that you can't find the pub anymore, and you have no idea where the city built the new fire station. And now, grandmothers love you. So, its bloody time to retire! Ok, who am I, where am I, and who the hell keeps stealin' me beer? Wait, listen? I think there might be a pack of leprachauns roaming about! Little buggers, they'll steal ya blind!

Rule #6
May you never have to perform CPR on a boa constrictor while battling a house fire. Unless you have a certain Officer Yonkovich with you; who'll handle the mouth-to-mouth duties while you do the compressions. He doesn't remember much about that call anymore. Very traumatic! :) I told him not to twist its head too far! I never did find a pulse. Do snakes even have heart's? Do we care? Anyway, don't forget to use proper hygiene proceedures; rinse with Guinness and swallow; over & over & over! Hey, I'm dying of thirst here!

Rule #7
May you always remember that when the Chief calls to check-up on the crew's status, everything is always A-Ok! Then crawl right back into the pub, and call for backup! No...don't back up!!! Oh, sorry Chief. Uh...where's me beer, again? Someone call 911!!!

Rule #8
May you never question the orders of the Chief, or any other Command Officer. Like when an officer says, "Come on laddies, get your butt's down in that there manhole and help that poor worker get his head out of that plugged-up sewer line, before he chokes on something." And you say, "yes sir," and jump right in and pull like hell! Although what you really wanted to say was, "Yes sir, right after ya kiss me Irish ass on the front lawn of city hall!" And where the heck is that stupid union steward when we need him? Oh wait, that's me! I think I'll have another beer!

Rule #9
May you realize that when responding to a call and a naked, red-haired lass opens the door to let you in; you've got to spin around and haul your ass right back to the truck. It would have to be a set-up or an illusion; because that kind of sweet Irish luck, just never happens to a firefighter! Well, maybe "never" is the wrong world? There was this time at the Wharf Lounge, in Onalaska. But I believe that was a special fire department, sub-committee meeting? And I think that healthy young lass was with our booster club:) Is there any beer left, or do I have to place a call to Dublin?

Rule #10 (And mind you, the last one!)
May you always remember the code! To forget the code...would be like forgetting you're Irish. And that would be a sin! And there'll be no sinnin.' Well...try and keep it to a minimum! Anyway--"To life! To Firefighter's! To Guinness and Irishfest's...everywhere! Now, where the hell is me beer? OK, everyone up to the bar! Drinks are on anyone who isn't bloody Irish! Over & Out! :)

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