Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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For us it's pretty random. My number is 19.
I'm a volunteer and our station number is 800 and the chief's number is 801 and after that numbers don't necessarily mean anything.Our Fire Captains number is 867 and my number of course is 862...Our neighbor department is in Warfield Ky and their station number is 200.It works the same way over there as well because sometimes we give them mutual aid and they do us when we need it.Neighbors helping neighbors you could say.
My Captain's badge number was 22, which was not arbitrary. My wedding anniversary is February 2nd... (2/2)... :D

the department i'm with the chief is 700 and the two asst. chiefs are 702 and 704. then we have six stations with 100's being capt. and 101's Lt. then firefighters after that. we use to change our numbers each year depending on the numbers of years we been on the the training. we stop doing that the only time we change numbers now is when you move up to an officer. we have very few officers we have two capt. and four Lt. in the deparment. my number is 501 so i run station five because we have no capt. at the station.
Yah, I suppose this should have been in the "fire is out - off duty" catagory.

Still kinda interesting to see some of the differences though... but in the wrong catagory.
I'm on a career department and our's are given to us at the graduation of the Fire Acadamy as our commission numbers. Mine is 231 and they go up through the 1100's. As people retire their numbers are set aside for a period of time and then basically recycled, that's why mine is a fairly low number. I've been on for 7yrs. But as the new recruits come aboard they are being given higher numbers as pretty much all of the lower numbers are still active.
601 -- dept number is 600 for the county and 1 for chief
we have a std for the county depts 1--9 are officers 10-19 engines, 20-29 tankers/tenders 30-39 brush, 40-44 transport EMS 45-49rescue 50-59 utility/cmd 60-69 ems personnel 70-99 firefighters

stations are 600, 600A , 600B, etc....

works well for mutual aid as you know who/what type is coming or on scene or arriving
We're a career dept. 350+ personnel. Only certain people have numbers assigned.
Chief = 100
Dep Chief 101, 102
3 shifts with 4 districts each so DC's are 103,104,105,106 for 1st shift; 203,204 etc. for 2nd shift.
Special Operations Chief 107
Training Chief 108
Fire Marshal 111
Asst Fire Marshal 112
Fire Prevention/Investigation 113-120
Training officers 123-126 (I'm 125)
Everyone riding apparatus are ID'ed by position Engine 2 Adam is Capt on E2, FF1 Engine 5A is Firefighter 1 on E5A, Engine 6 Driver, etc. for all our stations 1-17, 5 ladders, 1 HM, 1 Special Response (SR)
On our volunteer department the numbers are basically to make sure no one steals your gear and that the right gear ends up in the right locker. I am #01. Trust me, its not a reflection of anything. The guys in locker #01 and #05 retired after long, distinguished careers so when Howdy and I joined the department as replacements we got their lockers. It just so happened that I got first pick (no reason) and I picked #01 not because I wanted to walk around with my chest puffed out, but because #01 is the first locker in our dressing area which means only one adjoining locker not two (Nice when people are scrambling to put on gear). Also, there is a step which makes a nice little bench for when there is a wildland fire call and I have to lace up my boots!! Haha, fun topic, thanks.
My ID's are with the first letter of the dept. and then my position.
Kingstree Fire Dept.
K-1, Chief
K-2 Assit. Chief
K-3 Capt.
K-4 Lt. (me) and so on. K-5 thru 10 are our 2nd Lt., Maint., Safety Officer, and Enineers.
Our Volunteer Officers are
K-11, and K-12 Capt.
K-13thru 15 are Lt's.
and the rest of the roster are my Firefighters.
You are assigned a number when you join our department and you keep it as long as you are on the department. My number is 22.
We are Station #16. I am the Chief so I am 1601, 1602 to 1609 goes in order by rank. 1610 to 16?? are firefighters who choose which one they want. Most of the departments in my county are the same way.


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