Curious: How often does your department have training? Whether it be volunteer, full time or combination. What are the trainings like?

My dept is combination. We train once a week with the same training held three times per week. One week is usually medical held in classroom. The rest of the month is skills on the training facility or sometimes houses that will soon be demolished. Let's see how everybody else trains.  

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My volunteer company has two scheduled training nights, the first Wednesday of th emonth is EMS based, the Second Monday is fire based. Having said that, we usually have more trainings than that. We usually have three a week or more. Our guys are big on training. They have even been known to even train at 0200hrs in the morning for the fun of it. The scheduled trainings on Wednesdays are broken in half, 1hr or less lecture and the rest of the night hands on. Mondays are usually hands on but we have occasional lecture nights too.

Full time department with 2200 employees - Every day those in the operations division have training at their fire house from 1000-1200 hours.  Of course at about half of the fire houses, this never happens due to the fact that we have to stay in service for most drills which means they are interrupted by runs.  Special Ops Division companies usually have an extra drill if they can and then there is usually a separate drill or two for the probationer if there is one on shift for the tour of duty.  Every once in awhile companies get together with others or do a battalion wide drill.  Once in awhile the department picks certain "high-risk" companies to do large scale drills with the FBI, Secret Service, Transit and Metropolitan Police for a suspected terrorist attack being that our city is the number one target in the nation at this time.

Wow!! That's impressive. Being from a small town with about 18 career and maybe 15 vollies, I couldn't imagine your trainings. But compared to all the volunteer depts around our county we do a lot more than them. Thank you sir for sharing and be safe. 

We have scheduled training 3 Mondays a month. I also hold training whenever i have guys wanting to go out and do something. Twice a year we do training with all are neighboring departments that want to show up.

Every Monday night except for holidays we have our training night and we also add in special state certification classes each month as well. Every monday night we train with our neighboring department and once a month we train with all of our mutual aid departments.

My VFD traines every monday year round, but i believe that everyday, every call is a training day

My department does inhouse training monthly. The inhouse is more for the junior members, who are supervised by the senior members. I truly don't believe that once a month is enough. We also hold two classes a year, one being a structural burn class and the other is a class that the members decide on , whether it be BVR, rope, water ...etc.

Our agency trains every Monday night year round. Usually 3 hours in duration. It may start with class room including lecture and video and then finish with hands on out in the field or community. The members are required to attend and participate in at least two drills a month. No drills no responses.

Our vol rescue dept is weekly training, attended by 15 members on average.

My VFD has scheduled training on the 3rd Monday of every month, it is usually a mixture of lecture/video and hands on. Typically we have an unscheduled training once a month as well, if there are a bunch of us at the station we will just train. We also do two or three trainings a year with other departments in and around our county.

We usually run drills 3 days a week.  Then 2 times on Tuesday's.  1 time for the paid crew, & for the volunteers Tuesday nights @ 1830.  They do the same drills that the paid crews perform

the department i"m with offers training at less six to eight times each month. as our trainning chief says we can get all kind of trainning any time by reading magazines watching videos on line. there is a lot of trainning offer by just picking up a magazine and just readiing all the new ideals and even looking at u-tube videos. it's your life that depends on the trainning you have and the firefighters beside you. it takes only one to mess up then the crew is out of service.

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