ok, this one had better be good guys




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Hey look what the BEAN COUNTERS have come up with now! Maneuverability at its best.
I want one!!!! but need bigger tires though....lol
eeehh I may be 77 years old but I can still show you whipper snappers a thing or two
"You guys wont beat me to the waffle house" Outta my way sonny. Best thing is that it probably come standard with lights and sirens, and a bumper sticker that states, " I fight what you fear".
haha I'll motion that
if the hover-round can go to the Grand Canyon, then it sure as heck can make to down the street to a house fire.
"Never thought this thing could go this fast. Shoulda fastened my chin strap!"
I need to get me some lights and a siren on here boy can't wait until I'm there! I just wonder why I'm never first or even 9th on scene and besides all I get to do when I get there is pack up hose I never get to fight no fire.
Our FD's comprehensive EVO program is based on a graduated system.. If you can handle the scooter, we move you up to the mini pumper...
Man what did he do to get kicked off the tiller to that
where;s the workers comp investigator when u need em
Who gave you permission to use my picture? ;)

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