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can't wait till ff1

well i start ff1 in 15 more days i can not wait hope to show some of the guys up cause being the only female in my department and they make fun of me for being so little .well look out cause i may be little but you know what they say ....... and yes dynamite comes in small packages

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just joining....

Hello, all. I'm just joining the site, and actually heard about it through my new myspace membership. I just wanted to say hello to everyone out there, and say "stay safe". I'll work on updating this page some more...

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Hello all my name is Kevin found this site by accident but like it alot. I am a voulnteer firefighter in 2 stations in 2 diffrent states PA& NJ. I am just a plain ole firefighter in the Pa company and in NJ I am the Vice President of my fire co and I am also in charge of the community relations divison. I am married for almost 2 years now andcurrently have no children. Me and wife Missy have found out recently we can not have children so we are in the process to foster parent kids and… Continue

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A firefighters Pledge

A firefighters Pledge

I promise concern for others.

A willingness to help all those in need.

I promise courage - courage to face an conquer my fears.

Courage to share and endure the ordeal of those who need me.

I promise strength - strength of heart to bear whatever burdens

might be placed upon me.

Strength of body to deliver…


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Why A Firefighter ? This is Why !!!!

Why a firefighter? Isn't it dangerous? How do you deal with the stress?

Well I'm here to tell you that yes, it is in fact very dangerous. And at times it can be very stressful. However, I don't do it for the stereotypical image of pulling little Sally out of a burning building. But don't get me wrong, I would have her unfortunate ass out of that building faster than you could say I think my house is on fire.

Then why do you do…


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The First Fire (short story I wrote in 1994)


The burning rooms. The hot, smoky air. Just me and the company battling a raging inferno. I was barely twenty-two. My first real fire. I remember it well.

We were sleeping when the fire alarm sounded. We jumped out of bed, slid down the pole, and grabbed our gear as we headed for the fire trucks. As I suited up, I couldn’t help but feel excited, yet a…


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Phoenix Channel 3 and Channel 15 - 4 Of Our Heroes Died in Mid Air Chopper Wreck

Following is information about the crash and also information about the memorial services that are being held this week for the 4 men. These guys were the best of the best. With a broken heart, I am posting this for those that might want some of the information.
Please lift our community up in prayer. This is a devastating loss to all of us in the State of Arizona.…

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Our Sincere Thanks and Respect

As Director of Child Predator Busters, I would like to take the time to thank each and every one of you, though I know for the most part we've never met.

Each and everyone of you, along with Law Enforcement puts your lives on the line each time you suit up and roll down our highways and byways. I did for a while have some experience with working with some firemen and paramedics when I was towing for CPD, MCSO and DPS.

I understand the depth of your…


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Welcome back to this, our third Predator Free Safety Tip.

For starters I could make a bet that with a pretty good guess I'd win. It's still a fact that our children still know more about the internet then most of their parents. That is where I start safety tip 3. Parents, to make a difference in your childs life or that of others, you have to become more educated about the internet than your child.

The statistics are growing daily last count was there are over 30 million… Continue

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Sher Kares ~PREDATOR FREE~ Safety Tip 2

Welcome to Sher Cares ~PREDATOR FREE~ Safety Tip 2.

For starters, most people know there is a sexual registry for sexual offenders. Through today, there are those that are still unaware of what it is and what it does and who it is for.

At the end of this Safety Tip 2 I will give you a list of Sexual Offender Registries State by State.

The registries were designed to keep track of the sexual predators and at the same… Continue

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Welcome to our new addition to our Child Predator Board. Each week please feel free to come back and get one more Predator Free Safety Tip to add to your collection of our suggestion on how to better protect our children.


PLEASE USE CAUTION - Adults Taking Pictures of Minor Children

I need to discuss something of importance that many people don't even think about. I am sure that at some point you have seen on the… Continue

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Child Predator Busters Mission and Vision

Child Predator Busters is a newly formed Organization that has a vision to make a difference in the amount of Child Predator's that are out there preying on our children daily. It is mind boggling that for every twenty four hours of on line time that there are over 500,000 Predators preying on our innocent, defenseless, and trusting children. My three children were preyed on and molested in real life, outside of a computer. I am currently working on a book to bring into prospective, just how… Continue

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Mountains To Die On

"Life is full of opportunities for us to take on battles. There are times when it is important for us to go to battle; Take a stance for causes that we believe in; stand up for what is right. Those times are mountains worth dying on. There are other mountains that are not worth the battle. Some disagreements and conflicts simply are not worth the fight. Maybe the issue is not that significant, not an issue of moral charictor or integrity. Maybe the risks of battle far out weigh the rewards…


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Shooting a Documentary...

Hey, all...

I'm currently in production on a documentary with the Providence, RI Fire Department. The film is about the job of firefighting in general, even though I'm utilizing the Providence Fire Department. If you're interested in learning about it, you can read my blog at:

If you do stop by, please let me know what you think! :-)



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I have left baltimore city today after going to the firehouse expo and to visit a good friend a bro of mine.He is a firefighter for Baltimore City and I had a fun time seeing him and showing me around the firehouse.The people of Baltimore were so great I cannt wait till next year to come back.Also Seth please be safe out there brother and tell all THANKYOU nice group of people and have fun on the MEDIC K....

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The time is now

we need to look at the increase of lodd's and do something about it. This has become unexeptable we need to help each other go home after the call. STAY SAFE OUT THERE AND GOOD LUCK

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The name says it all. Post whatever you wish here..................Play nice, though !

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Misty assists with serial arson investigation

Misty was instrumental in finding patterns that led to the fact that a serial arsonist was striking the Washington, DC area. Through her training, Misty was able to detect the presence of an ignitable liquid at many scenes which was one of many similarities at several fire scenes. As a result, a task force was created and a 22 month investigation brought to justice a serial arsonist that was responsible for over 300 fires. This collaborative effort was featured on a episode of Forensic Files…


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Hey Everyone hopefully I'll have some pics up with in a couple of days new to this site but I like it so far hope everyone is doing good and being safe out there.

Hey Everyone hopefully I'll have some pics up with in a couple of days new to this site but I like it so far hope everyone is doing good and being safe out there. Continue

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