There are tons out there on the market is there any you have tried that you would highly recommend?

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Hi Clayton, I have used some products that I would highly recommend. Please send me an email to and we can discuss this. I don't want to promote anything specific on this blog.
Thanks, John
hye there i have taken and experimented with many supplements some with outstanding results some with no results at all. if you are interested i can provide lots of info and which ones are the best at leas for me. thanks
What goal are you trying to accomplish by taking these supps?
Hey, Daniel I'm very interested in what's worked for you and produced the best results, that's what I'm looking for.
Matt, I'm looking for an increase in muscle mass, but am also looking to get ripped as well. I've been looking at Cell-Tech and Nitro Tech, as well as N.O. Explode, and then now I've just seen N.O. Shotgun and N.O. SyntheSize. All of this stuff is pretty expensive I would like to know what works best if anyone. I would also like to know what I would be wasting my money on.
well man protein protein protein is number 1, gold standard whey is a good product, also bug fan of the NO Shotgun wouldnt use the synthesize i didnt care for it. Next take tribulus the best i have found is optimun nutrition these two things should help you put on the lbs also you need a good diet try to eat 6 meals per day and mix protein shakes in throughout the day as well. once you get the mass put on to get cut i would use a ECA stack ( ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin) but careful with this very strong mix combine this with a cross fit or other high intensity workout and you should cut up.

if u need more help you can email me @
no explode is awesome. when i was lifting i couldnt work out without it. i took this product from evo labs called ominivol and dianavol. i had grat gains of like50 60 lbs in all of my maxes in 2 weeks. as far as getting lean the best thing it to decide what you want to do first get lean or bulk but. it is almost impossible to do both at the same time. Protien powders and and eating 6 7 times a day. that is some advice
I appreciate the input and will use your email for more advice if needed. Thanks.
Thanks Daniel I appreciate the advice.
stay away from otc multivitamins. My personal trainer sat me down on day one at Pure Fitness and went over what was in a typical multivitamin. 50% is actually a multivitamin property and the rest of it is 50% filler, containing silica or sawdust. If you have access to a personal trainer, ask for a pharmaceutical grade multivitamin that is specifically targeted to your needs. These are 100% multivitamin and the body will absorb 80-90% of the product vs. the otc brand in which the body only absorbs 5-10%. The brand we have at Pure Fitness is Apex and they have a lot of different types for each individual.

What I've found to work is a combo of a few....preworkout I use N.O. Xplode and postworkout CellMass...I also on the Trifecta Stack by LG Sciences....thats worked pretty good for me. It's allowed me to have more focus in the gym as well as significant increases in weight lifted as well as mass added.


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