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I agree that the fire is in the garage and that the front door looks like the fire has not entered the living area of the house. I would also put the line inside to check the living area do not open the access door to the garage. Then use solid tip on the garage. Then get the attic extention from inside, shouldn't be as bad as it looks fire is coming through roof deck (ventilated) over garage. Water does not "push" fire, wind/air pushes fire. Fog nozzels make a lot of wind move, at least use straight stream on your fog nozzel.
In a class I took recently from Tim Sendelbach, he said there was a study done that essentially showed hose streams don't push fire. That it's one of those sayings that has been around, but isn't really all that true, at least not to the extent it's claimed.

It sounds like a lot of departments are moving towards a transitional type attack. Make a knock on existing/visible fire from the exterior (esp. considering how fast fire moves these days, how quickly we get to structure collapse, flashover, etc.), then go interior.
Bz why do you give me headaches cant we just polish the truck instead? I can see merits to both sides of the argument and presonally would cut off the fire on the interior then attack with enough flow(two and a half) exterior. The key is going to be command and communications to monitor the effect in case plan B needs to be implimented.
In my Department, this fire would be attacked from the inside in order to protect the rest of the house and posssibly to secure an escape route for the interior teams and/or occupants.

Has Tim Sendelbach published his findings? I am very curious to see what he has discovered, especially since it runs so counter to the conventional wisdom.
lol---so you dont push it through the house?
agree with you but some depts have manpower issues too
I don't know who wrote it, but there was an article in Fire Engineering (I think) an issue or two ago with those findings. Water doesn't push fire. Air "pushes" fire, or the heat it generates. ie: semi-open fog patterns vs straight stream or smooth bore with very little difference between the two as far as air movement. The study results are published in that article.
Tactics are decided by the first arriving company officer, then can be continued or changed by an arriving chief. Every structure/every fire is different, so an SOP won't always work. Offensive=interior/defensive=exterior
I guess this is just an example of how much I have been missing since not being involved in the fire service hands on. In my day, I was taught (the hard way as a matter of fact) that you never do offensive (interior) and defensive (exterior) operations at the same time. Reading the threads that "water does not push fire" etc. is something that I never read before. Regardless of whether or not the water, or the air created by the stream pushes the fire, something will (or could or should) move that fire. Now, having a 2 1/2 line on the outside shooting in, surely would "out gun" the little 1 1/2 hand line inside can we agree on that? So, if the outside crew blasted in with their big hose, doesn't that put the inside crew in a bad place? Talking from experience, being burned from exactly that situation.. would it still not be a one or the other but not both type attack? I mean either offensive or defensive.
I was taught that while the book is important, the "book" only tells you the rules or the theory..experience gives you the exceptions. Getting interesting cap! I do agree with Ben though, headaches are starting! lol
Sorry Ben... you don't have the headaches.. Roy does! lol My appologies!
BZY, not seeing the whole picture but this fire given the right situation could be attacked from the back into the house and push this fire back out the garage door to save the rest of the house. Based on what I see just in the picture however that roof isnt long to be coming down. It also appears to getting ready to flash out that front door.

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