I am sure that this has been discussed before on here. But I am curious what tools you and your dept. use the most and find the most valuable to have on scene.

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Doug can you get a pic of the fubar? I'd like to see what it looks like
tnt tool,closet hooks cant have enough of either also a water can
Always Two in Two out, so what is your partner carring with you? I love a sledge, not much you can't do with a good sledge if you can stand the weight. My partner carries the hallagen. Makes a good combo. But if you ask around there is always a better way, this I have learned in the fire service. Stay Safe
Set of Irons or the TNT are my choice.
We carry a set of irons, several pike poles in different sizes, closet hooks, drywall hooks, shovels, highrise pack, K12 saw, chain saw with carbide chain, spanner wrenches, chimney cleaning tools, metal bucket, mirrors to look up chimneys,water can, hand lights, radios designated for interior crews, airpacks of coarse, thermal imaging camera, 4 gas detector, propain torches, drinking water, positive pressure fans, smoke ejectors, spair hose from 1 3/4 in. to 4 in., hydrant packs, etc.etc. No wonder that damn engine is so heavy!! You should see what we carry on our second due, and rescue! We've used it all, but for engine company opps, attack line, a set of irons, or TNT tool, truck company opps., rope, irons, saws, pike poles, etc. depending where they are working.
This is a very good discussion on hand tools. I teach Rapid intervention team tactis in the St.Louis metro area and have found that most Firefighters, have not taken the time to learn how to use the tool in their hand properly! As for what tool do you like, you should start by training with all of the hand tools you carry on your apparatus and others you can borrow from mutual aid departments. First we teach our troops on the usess of the tool. It must be a forcible Entry/Exit tool. Ask yourself can a pike pole or a water can get you through an exterior wall if things go bad! If you can do it use it. Next how proficiant are you with the tool, do you know how to properly pry or cut or pull with your tool. These are the things I have seen with countless hours of training! Me, I like the TNT tool and the Halligan tool, also the pick headed axe. We carry all of these tools on all of our trucks also. I know from my training, these tools can and will help to save my life and that of my crew! I hope this will help in some way!
Most used tools on fire scene... besides using common sense...

MVA - Jaws, spreaders, hurst tool, backboards, X-Collar Cervical Collars (these are new)

Structure - Irons, Ventilation chain saw, K-12 saw, synthetic hose vs. cotton jacketed so you can re-rack the rig wet, good portable radio and extra batteries, ventilation blower (go with the new electric one made by Tempest, not exhaust fumes and better control for speed (CFM) of the fan, TFT Nozzle, built in foam proportioner, and good emergency lighting.

TCSS, Mike
I think the tool you guys are referring to is the Stanley Fubar
Typical Structure Fires We always use either an SM 20 Sm 30 attack line 6 ft/ 8 ft pike poles, Thermal Imagery (Evolution 5000), axe & a PPV . Every now & then a chain saw or a Heavy duty saw.

On the roll up doors. . . if you drive in dusty conditions, the roll up doors don't seal as well and you'll end up with dirty gear.
I suppose it depends on what type of fire or scene your on. But as a standard a good set of irons, and my trusty pike pole or closet hook.

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