What is the best Song to drive to a Call?

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Are you kidding me?
No I love Metallica and a lot of Rock, Heavy Metal, and Death Metal.... So if I was to listen to some thig it would be one of those....
I listen to "Dispatch" by Central Communications Division, and "Size Up" First Arriving Unit on my way to calls.

The dispatch radio and/or your attention to the road! Updates, thoughts on the area you are going to, possibly known location, etc, etc. Worrying about tunes is not the objective at this point.
Is that tune by a Canadian band?
Wow!! I really hoped this topic had finally died! Early on, it was neat to see how some folks' minds worked! Over time, it has just become old trying to get the point across that it is ALL IN FUN!!

Once again, this was started by a firefighter in Germany and was done in jest. Go back one page (or even look at the top of this page - 15!); you will find "disclaimers" about this being theoretical throughout the forum.

Please don't insult our crews by thinking they are taking this seriously! We all know what sounds are actually heard on a call ... music blaring is not one of them.
Unfortunately there are way too many, mostly young, mostly volunteer, Firefighters who DO listen to their iPods on the way to a call to get "pumped up."

This is not a good topic to joke about as there is undoubtedly some new-ish Firefighters out there who will see the thread title think to themselves, "Sweet, I never thought of that. Going super fast to the call and cranking up my tunes will get me ready to fight fire!"

And they'll end up trying it, and doing it a few times, and someone will get themselves killed enroute, or they will end up killing an innocent motorist, passenger or pedestrian while enroute because they were "cranking up the tunes."

If this thread was started "in jest" then it was in extremely poor judgment. You just don't joke about committing unsafe acts as part of any emergency response.

Is there actually a Firetruck out there with a tunebox in it????Because like everyone else said,Sirens horns and dispatcher chirpin out updates is all i wanna here.And I don't think I know anybody who slaps/or would slap the IPOD in the ears before they mask up.
I think it's mostly Volleys who respond in their POVs who do this.

Ravi Shankar ohhh yeeaahhhh
Slow Ride!

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