As the discussions continue , I am curious if one really taught you anything . I learned that the color black in turnouts is not as bad as I thought . I thought it would be dangerous and hot but allot of you said the opposite . I am now not concerned with what color I wear . What about you , what have you learned ? I also learned no matter what the topic , we are all in this together at the end . God Bless and Be safe .

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Decon line?
What I've learned is that while many in here actually do want to stay safe, a significant number are satisfied with only staying safe-ish.
I have learned that some disscussions will never go away; i.e., C vs V, jr's and pagers, and what color is your gear, etc. etc.

You don't want ME singing.....I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket......But I could start the campfire for us.....LOL where's the marshmellows....?? Paul
I've learned that nobody here knows the proper spelling of Kumbaya!
I've learned how to recognize whackers .
I've learned that people would rather discuss stupid crap than actual firefighting stuff.
I've learned who to respect and who to avoid.
It is not too late to teach an old dog. I've learned when, someone has pushed my personal rage button, to get a good nights sleep before I hit the "Add Reply" button. Not that I was ever wrong, you understand, its just that I could have been more professional in my presentation if I had cooled off. Know your job and keep The Faith.
So, Gonzo;
You haven't tricked out that Mustang yet?
You know you'll always have me to discuss actual firefighting stuff. Of course, I will have to give you my perspective from the "arm-chair. Come to think of it; you'll probably get stupid crap about actual firefighting stuff from me!
How's the family?
PS: Ive learned that our websites and The Fire Service in generel could all take a lesson from the definition of a good church. "A church should be a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints." We have an abundance here of experienced people who try to elevate themselves by stepping on the less experienced. How did we get too important to care about what might be important to them. Aren't these "Whackers" the ones we should be working to square away in a professional manner? Someday we'll be gone and they'll be chiefs. How will they remember us?
Pete, if you're trying to save souls then the soft-touch might indeed work best. If you're trying to save lives there's not a lot of time to be warm and fuzzy about it. I'm not saying that the "whackers" have to be immediately slapped down but neither should they be coddled.

Bouncing in here and posting a topic or question that has been posted numerous times shows that an individual has not taken the time to learn how the (ffn) system works and has failed to do any research. In other words, all of the repeat posts are a result of laziness. Not a shining quality to have in this profession.

I don't think it's ever too soon to start teaching someone the rules, some may be better at it but the bottom line is the fireground is not the place to have to explain or worry about hurt feelings. For the most part, neither is ffn.
I want to be remembered for the tough love that I give/gave.
And for my honest assessments.
And for the strength of my convictions.
Oh; and my sense of humor.
Let's not forget modesty and humility.
Oh, quit, Jack.
You're embarrassing me.

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