OK so not my first fire but the first time I wil be in a burn trailer for school. Never been in a fully involved structre yet. Will Be middle of July and gonna be hot without the flame. What advice do you vets have for me if any. Thanks TCSS

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Burn trailers can be lots of fun, & a great way to learn what structures will be like. Have you practiced a lot with your SCBA? Now would be a good time to make sure you are really familiar with it. Also, I'm not sure about the rules with the burn trailer you are using, but ours states that you have to be shaven ( in order to get a good seal on your SCBA) or for women, like me, you have to make sure your hair doesn't effect your SCBA seal. This is a good opportunity for you to ask questions and be active in a structure fire that can be put out if there is a complication. I would also suggest that you choose attack team partners that you are comfortable with (if you get to choose) and I would also practice crawling around with your SCBA on your back, feeling the walls etc. if you haven't done so. It will be hot, dark and your adrenaline will be pumping, so my best advice is to relax, try to practice small things before and most of all just enjoy the training. Burn trailers are a lot of fun and it's a great way to learn, in fact, I did one when I first joined the fire dept. and it was my first time seeing flash over. Very cool. Hope I helped!
It all depends on how hot they plannin on making it.... If you have goggles on your helmet, take them off for sure. You mite want to take your leather shield or plastic face shield (if you have one) off as well so they do not melt.

Wear your suspenders a little loose... if they are too tight you will have burn marks from where they were too tight.

Drink plenty of water before going in... avoid any sugary drinks... NO GATORADE!!!!!!

Dont touch anyone inside... if it gets real hot, just touching someone will cause a burn.
The advice I was given when I went through my flashover-trailer was to borrow a spare nomex hood. 2 hoods will help keep the intensity of the heat from your head,ears,and neck. Stay low to the ground, and most importantly, DO NOT PANIC! This is the worst possible thing you can do. They will go over the safety aspects with you, pay attention. Most importantly, have fun doing it.
-Logue be safe
Prepare for it...its pretty cool actually....Yes, it will be hot, it will be dark and you will get pumped up....If you find yourself getting a little anxious talk to your partner...communication is always a good thing and it will keep your mind occupied and focused....You will do fine....we have all been there at least once.....Relax and have fun with it.....Stay safe....Keep the Faith.....Paul
water hydrate yourself eat some bannanas before hand for potassiumand if you start feeling to hot or dizzy stop yourself get to rehab and get checked
Drink plenty of fluids.
Drink lots of water before & after and dont forget what they teach you in school and control your breathing in your mask...And just remember dont be Superman, if it gets to be to much let someone know, communication can make or break ya in any given situation...And by all means, have fun and take it all in brother..
I'll tell you what My Instructor and My Cheif Says.... Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.. Keep yourself HydratedBefore you go in drink plenty of water. Try some watered down gatorade After you come out so you can rebuild your sodium level and potasium level easier and the sugar from the Gatorade wont make you feel like your constantly thirsty. Thats What The Instructors give us.
Burn Trailers are fine, even though I really have not fully wrapped my head around the purpose. Nonetheless, be sure to check and double check your gear(bunkers, SCBA, etc...) In this business, we are only limited by imagination and our equipment. Learn to check and know the limitations of your equipment.
I'm with ya WP. Who in his right mind would be in heat hot enough to melt googles and shields? My advice Chad is to think safety always, even during training. Hydrate often. TCSS
I had ALOT of fun in our live burn, I was nervous at first but I loved it! We had a really good intstuctior too. he had us experience the heat layer by standing up after the flame was knocked down. and in response to the comment Dustin made about not touching anyone, We were told the same thing, and when we came out our helmets were smoking haha it was a blast!
Follow the orders your given and look out for yourself. Drink plenty of water and look out for your partners your with. Know that its gonna get hot especially when water is added to the fire. That steam is gonna drop the heat right down on top of you and its gonna really get hot. Dont be scared. It happens to all of us. Just make sure you have all your PPE properly secured and in place. Good luck and have fun....................................

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