Ok the story goes like this...We had a trailer fire Monday morning the 15Th at 4:30, well on the way there was reports of trapped animals. We had a crew go in on the back door and right when the walked in there were dead animals in the door way. When they went in a little more one of our female FF's spotted a dog on the floor still moving. She picked it up and it was still breathing, so she came out and put a nonrebreather on it and later it started breathing on it's own. Well come to find out the reason they had so many animals in the house and outside was that they were all rescued in some way and they were keeping them. They all were also under adoption and with a few FF's attached to the dog already the Chief brought it up at our Tuesday meeting to take votes on possibly adopting the 6 month old dog from the family. So everybody agreed to adopt the one we saved and take care of it, but it's at our local vet and its pretty much in the ICU. It is in stable condition and should recover. So we are pretty much waiting on the doc to release it and then we can adopt. and there's another but... It doesn't have a name...we would like to keep the name within the fire service, so if any of you have suggestions please tell. Thanks
We got an update from the doc and hes doing better and should be able to be adopted Saturday the 20Th......

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Female: Las (like Large Area Search).
Male: Chaos (Chief Has Arrived On Scene), Blaze, Prusik, Bucket, Junior, Florian.
Either: Q (like the siren), Rehab.
You should name the dog something that reflects the demographic of your territory.
Male: DeCon, Randy (like the rescue dummy), Wye, Bunker, Nomex, McMurdo (the Antarctica Station).
Either: Ves (Vent Enter Search), Bangor (like the ladder).
We have a cat named HazMat (she is Mattie for short) and we used to have 2 guinea pigs named Search and ResQ... Just figured I would throw those out there for you...
I think "Lucky" is appropriate...but if you want to get creative how about "Second Chance"..? Or "Sparky" or "RIT"...Paul
Great story, glad to hear he's making a good recovery. I think Lucky really fits his situation..

If you want something unique you could name him Atsilv (Pronounced Ah Chee Luh) in my grandmothers language (Cherokee) it means Fire. A few other simple words are Ada (Dog), Tsunalugi (Chew Nah Lew Gee) means Smoke. Ahyoka means "She who smiles a lot" but I think it can also mean a guy who smiles a lot, not so good with my pronouns haha.

As far as tools go you could name him Spanner, or K12 lol
Boot or boots
give him a title not a name ,how bout captain:)
tank or lucky
I vote for Rescue. As thats what he was.
I'd say Gunner, but only cause Cheaper by the Dozen is my favorite movie... This discussion was back in June so I'm assuming the dog has been named by now?

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