When this first came out , everyone was joining and communicating . Now when you ask someone why they are not on , they say the excitement is gone . Is it because we are all so busy these day s? Is it time to change the cover page ? Have we run out of discussions? I have personally learned things on this site that I am not sure I would have . Their are allot of great ideas here . And the photos , some are sad and some are very funny . I say , lets get this going strong again . Remember when we were all pushing to get the total joined to 25,000? It was climbing fast and then the brakes were applied . Talk to all on your department . Lets get new members and the old ones back . I recently sent a message to all my " freinds " and received 2 back .I spoke to allot of them that have said they just have not been on . Good luck to all . God Bless and Be safe .

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One reason could be the forum format.

Another could be the number of whackers, wannabees and badge bunnies.

A good thread that every firefighter can learn from, such as Chris Naum's posts, have very few replies.

A thread about something stupid can generate a thousand replies.
Personally I think a lot of interest has waned NOT because of lack of discussions but rather too much discussion of the same old dead issues and all the non-Fire/EMS posts....I know I no longer even look at 99% of the stuff here..and to be honest have considered no longer coming by here....Now, don't hoot, hollar and cheer....I'm like "Big brother"....still watching (For now).....Stay safe and always remember to Keep the Faith.....Paul
BADGE BUNNIES WHERE? i need to find me one of those
If we take FFN too seriously we're setting ourselves up for a lot of disappointment. With 40,000+ members on this site, the "whackers, wannabees and badge bunnies" are simply part of the scenery. The way I see it, there's more than enough room here for serious discussion and mindless diversion to coexist.

Ralph: What's a "praticle"? For that matter, what's "work"?
i can see that from you ralph

I do have an Idea that might put more people onto this site and keep people coming back

myspace has a instant messaging system that is just your friends its at the bottom of the page and discrete
It allows you to keep intouch with the ones you want to and to ignore the ones you dont want to talk to
Which category are you leaning toward?
I agree.
I like the IM idea. The young people showed why the chat room was a bad idea.
There is a few ppl I would like to talk to that havent bin on here for some time
Your in the good category for sure!!!!!!!
And what is wrong with being a dirty old man?
I am taking notes. Badge bunnies... I like it.

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