Does anyone know any good workouts and the right food to eat to get in shape for firefighting

Okay does anyone know any good workouts and food to eat. I want to lose some weight so I can become a firefighter so does anyone know any of the things a paid firefighter would do

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i use that and it is great. all around. Takes some getting used to, but it work well.
Add jogging and swimming to that and you're golden.
Cardio Cardio ..strengthen legs arms back tone up over bulk up and get a list off the net of BAD CARBS and avoid them white bread the bigger of them...and learn to control your breathing which will come easier with good cardio program
hey watch what you eat and get up and work and play around to burn then cals. off. that my best advice. everyone is different and i'v tryed lots of different work out and i start good but never last more then a month. good luck.
There a many great ways to get in shape for firefighting. First, anything is better than nothing. Secondly, I try to make mine as intense as possible, almost to the point of vomitting. Fire scenes can be intense depending on the fire, either way it will prepare you for the worst. Last, the workouts I have found to help most would be crossfit, which is a free website, at Also, p90x as mentioned by Thomas is a great cardio-muscular endurance workout.
Three years ago when I was 54 years old, I lost 100 lbs and got into excellent physical shape.
Unfortunately, since you are so young and all, I doubt that my secret to how I did it would have the same effects on you.
What does your Body Mass Index say? I would recommend seeing a doctor familiar with diet science to determine just how you should proceed.
That is; if you're serious.
P.S. Our partners here FireRescue Magazine has a couple who posts articles in the Blogs section on diet and exercise. Here was their last one:
I like using They have alot of different workouts and picture and videos on how to preform them. Have you worked out before ? or are you just getting started ?

Stay away from fast food for a start. With so many places out there, and being convenient, the temptation is hard but your body will thank you. TCSS
If you live in more of a rural area get a job hauling hay you would be amazed how fast that gets you in shape.

Beer and Pizza!

We're replying to a 15 year old here. BTW, any new updates to your recipe pages? TCSS
do alot of running. that is one of the best things, especially if ur in a fire and ur on air. if u can get to the point were u can run 1 1/2 miles in 12 min ur doin good. as for the weights do alot of whole body workouts, like cleans and power sweeps. and it never hurts to do ur pull-ups and pushups. if ur like me i hav always been small and gaining weight and muscle hav always been hard. if thats what ur tryn to do get ur protein. get a few protein shakes a day and make sure u work out. if al u do is drink those shakes ur gonna end up worse than u r. a good workout method is working out 3 days a week, and maxing out everything those three days. just b careful and make sure u hav a spotter with u. the crossfit is excelent it gives u the cardio u need and builds muscle, and lose that fat if thats what ur wanting. p90x is also great. i hav heard alot of pluses on that system.
Have not had any in a while. I will post the latest that I have and then if there are more submissions, we can keep adding. I almost forgot about it.

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