What advice would you give me (or other jr's) as a junior firefighter who hopes to become a firefighter/emt when im old enough? How could i best reach these goals? Anything would really be welcome...


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You know the saying, train like your life depends on it, because it does.
Well Jessica I agree with Ray. Training is very, very important. But make sure that you want to do this job for all the right reasons. Being open minded to new ideas about your training is a must. Also do alot of research on what is going to be required of you in doing this job. Being in good shape will help you alot. Conditioning is very important, God forbid you need to carry a fellow firefighter or victim out of a house or vehicle. But I think one other important thing is maintaining your composser and don't panic. Clear thininking and being observent to your surroundings is a very important tool. Good Luck and I wish all the best for you.
Dont let anybody tell You that you cant do anything you want to do above all , Put in Your book work as well as your practicals and pay close attention to everything you do not like about bad habits of firefighters and or emts and do your best to not fall into those bad habits.. There is an old saying that says White T Shirts are like Firefighters, they are best when new.. to me what this means is when your fresh out of probie school or emt school your pretty well hard nosed by the books and your not going to dirty yourself up with bad habits at least untill you got some age on ya ( hopefully not at all) And a big thing to remember is that you never get too old to learn

Sgt. Bobby J King
Firefighter/Rescue Tech
Madison County KY
Training, training, and more training, dont be afraid to get your hands dirty, and listen to the senior firefighters on the dept you are assined too. You can learn a lot by waching what they do and listening to the advice they have to say. Most of all keep a good attitude, be willing to take a little heat and criticism, Lord knows you will get a lot of it, expecialy if you make a mistake. I my self have made some major errors in the short time I have been in the fire service, I have even been on suspention once, and trust me it isent fun, but you learn form them and hope to get better. It takes time, sometimes it will even seem like for ever, with some to earn there respect. So as I said at the start, all the training you can take, a possitive attitude, a strong heart and will to succeed. Most of all be respectfull and have the strong desire to help and serve your community. So I wish you the best of wishes and take care be safe.
best thing is to finish school first..
make sure if they are offing class at fireschool or firehall u can take take it
make sure u show up, pay attention, study, and do what u r told..
and remember to study study study and train train train
Well, I can't tell you much about the firefighting aspect of it, but as far as being an EMT goes, just stick with it. Get as much hands on experience as you can. Don't push yourself on the crew you are working with, but make yourself available. That way, you aren't in there way but when they say "Hey Jess, I need a backboard and a c-collar" You get your chance to show that you are valuable in a chaotic situation instead of being a pain in the ass because you are always in the way. EMS crews (at least the ones I have been around) don't like alot of extra people trying to help them, unless they actually need it. So I have found that the way to be a really good EMS explorer is help when you are needed, and when you aren't needed, watch and learn all you can. Pick up on little things that your crew does that you can use later in EMT school. How to communicate with different types of patients, how to calm patients down, how to be professional but stern. All those things will help you alot.

Good luck and stay safe out there!
Jess when someone who has been in the dept. for a while says something that would be the time to hear what they say and use it. The older firefighters, (Male and Female) will not tell you something that will get you hurt. Were like a big family and when your on a fire scene, the only people who will look out for you is 1. yourself, and 2. your brothers and sisters. train as much as possible, help the new JR. Firefighters who are just coming in, because what you know you can pass on. Also remember in this line of work if you feel like you have learned everything about this job its time to quite because no one in the world knows every thing about firefighting there is something new everyday, and with something new there's always new ways of doing your job. Just train hard and train safe. And always remember if you don't know how to do something ask someone will help you, and the people around you will be more impressed with you that way then if you do something you have no idea about and messing it up. So if you don't know how to do something just ask someone to show you how and they will be fine with showing you.
Listen and learn these guys are right on the money. I'm gonna be 30 this year and I'm just starting my EMT school. Trust me it's alot harder to go to school when you haven't been since 1997.
I will tell you the same thing I tell all me new recruits. Ask questions and don't think your question is dumb. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask. Other things I would suggest from my experiences:
1. The internet is a great asset. Read and study things like building construction, firefighting terms such as "the fire triangle" What is it and how does it apply to the way we do our job, what is the difference between a "flashover" and a "rollover", what are the 4 basic types of fires and how do you extinguish them. Basically study as much basic information about the job as you can find. It will make things go smoother when you are able to join.
just hard work, and showing your brother firefighters that you can and will do the job
I would start building my resume by attending classes. I don't know the age requirements where you are, but if you can get into an EMT class now, you should. At the library and online, you can find practice exams and study materials for Firefighter Civil Service Exams. In my area, there are also Prep courses for both the Written and Physical Agility tests. Also, start networking with people who you would like to use as references like city council members, chiefs, captains, etc...(Networking, not butt kissing..LOL). Also, learn as much as you can about the Fire Service, it's history, and as many different FD's as you can. You should pay special attention to the history of women and minorities in the Fire Service so you can see what those who came before you had to sacrifice in order that you might even be able to consider this as a career. This will help you connect with them and also help you learn what role you must play for the future generations to come. Start researching some of the FD's that you would like to work for. But above and beyond all else, you have to convince yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS and NEVER let anyone talk you out of your dreams.
Training and education! Take as many classes that are state or federal accredited and focus on learning as much as you can about all of the different professions in the fire protection field.

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