What type of Accountability Systems are all of you using and are they working for you and/or could they be improved/simplier ?  Looking for what ever you have to offer.  Thanks - Mike.

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Passport system, works great except that you also need a strong radio communications policy in place for real time updates on where people are!

Simple accountability tags work great for my department, its easy and safe (If everyone does it correctly.) Each firefighter has three tags with there name on them. When you arrive at a scene, of a working fire for example, one stays on a board in the truck (prevents you from getting left behind), one goes to the safety officer (if you are entering the structure), an one stays on your person. 

Passport, the original Stew Rose system with some of the IMS Alliance updates.


It's simple, it's flexible, it works when the electricity is off, and you don't need an expensive and fragile computer system to make it work.

we use the accountability tags. everyone gets 2. one stays on the truck and the other goes to a safety officer when we enter the buildings. We also conduct PAR every 10-20 minutes during an incident to make sure nobody gets lost

FDNY uses the Electronic Fireground Accountabity system (EFAS). Created by the members of R&D EFAS allows the IC to ID members through their HT transmissions.

we have accountability tags on our helmets that we give to the engineer or the safety officer on scene we also have velcro tags on our helmets which we will take off and stick them to a velcro pad in any unit we respond in.

We use vlecro tags, it's simple and effective

Our department and all others in Harris and surrounding counties are using the GRACE Electronic Accountability System.  It was funded by grants through UASI, this has become a regional project that took off more than anyone imagined it would. There are 53 departments in Harris County alone. The SOG for it was developed by a committee and has been used for continuity of its use and implementation at incidents.

We use accountability tags. We all have two One goes on the accountability board at are rescue. Other goes  to accountability officer at the door of structure. We also have a accountability officer standing by are rescue he will also collect tags from any firefighter from mutual-aid departments. No tag no entering the scene. We also use these boards and tag system during are practices. Just about every department in Madison County uses this system and the two departments we work with in Cortland County have adopted the same system.

two tag system- tag in on the piece you ride with and the other tag goes with accountability officer upon assignment. Dispatch gives us 15 minute benchmarks on the air during the incident and then PAR is taken, just make sure someone on all teams has a working radio with them at all times

Issued three tags, two with bunker gear and one in wildland gear. Two used at structure fires, one placed on vehicle accountability board (handed to IC) and one for IC/safety officer for entering. The one used at wildland fires goes on the vehicle board then to IC. 


We have accountability tags on the rear of our helmets. We attach these to a ring on the driver's side mirror of the first due engine, only if we are to enter the structure. If the chief calls an evacuation order when you exit the structure you pull the tag from the engine so that he will know who has made it out.

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