I know this has been discussed before but i could not find an answer to my question so here its,
  last night at our monthly meeting it was brought up that we need to get passport tags for a few of our guys because they were new or theirs were lost, our county has an universal system of tags that are about 3" long and a 1/2 " wide with the persons name on it. guys keep losing them because they are attached under our helmets backs with velcro which seems to melt once in a fire, and then we cant reattach our tags when checking out so they get stuck in a pocket and lost, does anyone else on here have a similar system and if so what do you do to keep track of tags and attach them to not lose them

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My department recently switched from the RED/YELLOW 2 tag system. We now currently use a 2 tag photoID system that is barcoded.( techincally its a 3 tag system, as each member recieves a tag for their wallet for ID purposes) Each tag has the persons name, tank, and current classes as of the date of printing. Also their medical info and further class info is stored on the barcode. (We currently do not have the computer system or the scanning system set up for this yet however)
Each interior member recieves 2 tags with metal clips to clip onto their helmet or gear, wherever the individual feels most comfortable. Exterior members only reviece 1 tag. During a call each member puts 1 tag on their respective apparatus. If a person goes interior, they give their 3nd tag to an officer, usually a safety officer or a designee before entering the structure. If an accountablity or staging officer is assigned during an incident, all the tags from each apparatus on scene are taken to that officer, and attached to our dept. accountability board. The system is simple but it works, but it is deffintly not with out its flaws.

I've attached photos of my wallet id. The others have a slot punched out where a metal rings goes through, and a metal clip with a trigger to open and close is attached.
We use medal clips to attach our tags to the back of our helmets.
Our tags are hooked onto the back of our helmets with a clip to the ring of the helmet. Once we get on the rig that person or the person closest to the accountablility ring puts his tag on there so we know who is on what rig and soforth. it is up to the capt of that rig to have the ring with him when he hops off the rig and hands them to the IC.
we got the same system down here ,same tags .
one of my lieutenants had the same problem of the velcro melting and he came up with a genious idea .

now this only works if u have the leather radio case ( like boston leather and such , u grab a piece of velcro just as big as the one u put on ur helmet and u stick on the back of the case where the back of the radio (battery ) sits , make sure it sticks good so it doesnt come off , put ur partags (tags , labels , names , etc how ever u wanna call it ) on it and then place ur radio , tags and velcro with be secure and safe from melting , just grab one before u place ur radio at the beggining of ur tour stick on the passport and the extra ones will be safe and still with you

i will post pictures tom morning or afternoon once i get a chance

be safe brothers!

all credit for this idea goes to Lt shawn kienzle ,southwest ranches FR
the system oren is talking about is a little diff than the big tags with clips on the back of the helmet

we get multiple ones assigned since they are tiny and easy to loose , and also we place them on a passport at the beggining of shift leaving the extra ones (3 or 4) sitting under the tail of the helmet .
they melt easily , 400 degrees tops and theyll start bending
We use a similar tag and use the Velcro strip to attach the tag to the accountability boards. Our tags also have metal clips so the guys can attach the tag to the metal D ring on the back of their helmet or the D ring on the front of their coats
Here is the process i explained abovee but with pictures.

For this you need a leather case ( boston leather style), a few pieces of velcro (soft sided ), par tags.

Place the velcro on the back of the leather case , where the battery of the radio seats.

Place par tags on velcro and then place your radio.

Now your par tags are save , out of sight and wont melt .

All credit for this idea goes to Lt Shawn Kienzle ,Southwest Ranches FR.
Go to www.onscenetags.com and they have some nice accountability products. We use them in our department.
The Department I'm in uses the plastic tags, they just attach them to a couple of accountability plates which is 8x5 and has the unit number, and a seperate entry plate. Very similar to the Rig Ring. Your passport tag gets put on the plate at the beginning of the shift. 1 plate stays on the rig. 1 plate gets attached to the underside of the officers helmet. and, the passports themselves usually don't burn but every once in a while a guy has to replace the velcro on his helmet. But I really like the radio strap idea.

We use the same tags,and to my knowledge havent had a problem with melting. I've been on full for 5 years and still havent got my tags. While i was and explorer they had order a batch for the new guys, but seeings as we couldn't do interior work then we didn't get tags. I guess not that it really matters since our use of accountability sucks.
I had a state fire instructor that did a very effective accountability training for his dept. They had a controlled burn and had an agreement that if at the end of the drill anyone had forgot to take every tag back they had to split the bar tab for the dept at the end of the night. One guy forgot this tag for what I am sure was the last time ever.
We do but we have the plastic and a cloth tag made out of our turnout material with our Dept and name on it. It is on out left shoulder area. We also have the helmet tags for unit accoutability. They are used to place on the unit board so the IC can account and track what units are doing on scene. They are given upon arrival to the IC, then the cloth one is pulled prior to entering a IDLH. Once you come out find the accountability officer and get you tag. They are velcro to our left shoulder so it is easly pulled. It is a nice working system once everyone is using it right. We tried the plastic tags and it lasted 2 weeks. Went to a county wide system in Southern California and have to twick it alittle to work better for us. Taking our idea and seems other dept like it.
I have a line of Epoxy Domed Tags in hook and loop, Magnetic, and Claw Clip.


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