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We stopped doing it, after we had two tankers roll over in the 80's with guys on the back.
Cap'n, what was the original name for the rail used to hold on to when tailboarding... I have somebody that's drawing a blank & asking... I never knew, put in the search bar & got YOU... Thanks. ;)

BZY, Not allowed here either. But you my friend can drop by anytime


Tailboarding is completely banned with the exception of "get the heck out of there cause poop is going to hit the fan"

Everything we have still has that button.

We still ride it when laying out.  On every box alarm, fire showing or not, we lay out our 3" supply hose down the street.  If I'm riding in the lay out position for the tour I will jump out at the plug, pull off the humat valve and pull the section of rope wrapped around the last 50 feet of hose.  That gets thrown on the ground near the hydrant and I jump on the back step to ride it up the street to the fire.  The only time I don't is when I'm detailed to certain companies where the hydrants are further apart and it might be a minute until the next company is on scene to hook up for us.  In that case I stay at the hydrant to hook up.  In most cases though multiple companies are pulling up on scene at the same time.

Big no-no here for doing that. Not saying I wouldn't want to but I remember a training chief chewing out a rookie for doing that back in the 70s. This was also the same chief though who installed grab bars on the cab roof because we were going to stand up anyway on route and he wanted us to have something to grab onto.

I maybe one of the few in my station who got to ride the backstep and in open cab pumpers.

From the 70s until the 80s we were doing it. Then there were some nasty accidents involving personnel on the backstep.

One accident a pumper missed a stop sign and came out in front of a tractor trailer. One rider on the step ended up under the pumper crushed to death. He had just been married and had a child on the way.

Another had a man on the backstep ready to lay hose. The pumper missed the street it was turning on and stopped. He jump off pulling hose and the pumper backed over him killing him.

Many of crews were forced to ride four in the buckets with two standing until depts started buying enclosed cabs and stopped all backstep riding.

Only time we will see it now is with older apparatus in parades and hook up hose contest.

heck no we don't do that. it is banned and futher more why would you.

What button are you talking about?

Only in parades. We do still have our 1946 Seagraves that has a waist belt on the back. I have heard plenty of stories about that belt being the only thing keeping them from falling off when they hit a bump.

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