If you could go back 20, 15, 10 years would you still join the fire service if you knew then what you know now? Going through all of the heartache, family time lost, and loss of your brothers/sisters along the way?

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You got it right. It is best to do from the heart and not for the pocket. My EMT ## to has only 4 digits. I did not know this life was around cause I grew up in the city. But while in the service I found the Volunteer service and love every minute of it. Your right Vollies Do Rule. We do it from the heart and not the pocket.
I've been a volunteer firefighter for almost 9 yrs. I've taken most of the training classes that came available. There's been time I've taken off from work to do things for our little dept. So would I do all over again...... HELL YEAH!
I just wish i would have started earlier in life for this wonderfull job. Only thing i would really like to change is staying on my first department, but i have found where i fit better than there. So yes and i will tell you this in another 20 years.
I know I would definitely do it again. Eighteen years ans still going strong.It is what I do and even more it is who I am!
The only thing I would do different is I would have attempted to make a career of it.
I been in for 33 years now i would not know what to do with my self i would like to go back 20 yrs but i think ill stay here the service is a lot safer now
Might have gone fore it full throttle and tried for a full time job! Love every minute of it. I have a good job in county government and am about to hit 35 so it will probably never be a full time thing for me, but go I love it!
I would do it all again. The experiences, lessons learned, joys and bad times have all been worth it. Just like a journey.
I never imagined that I would become the Chief but I am truly honored to look back now after 28 years and realize the lives we've touched and brought a moment of relief to. I would surely do it all again. Worth it all.
Started with EMS when I was 17....only change would be to start with the Fire Service earlier....wouldn't give up one moment of it....the good....the bad and yes even the ugly sometimes.....I agree...anyone who says otherwise has either entered the wrong business or has "burned out"....This is a great "family" that we have joined....Stay safe and alway remember to Keep the Faith.........Paul
I wasn't in the fire service 10 years ago not even 5 years ago... but I wish I would have had the same attitude now years ago, when I was younger and would have known how rewarding the Fire/Ems service was I would have joined along time ago.
This is a trick question.. right?

28+ years on, still loving the challenges.

I've been in the fire service now for 17 years, and I wouldn't change a thing...

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