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Brother looking for advice!

I have 19 years of service as a firerighter/engineer from Ky. Also member of Local 870.

I was injured while fighting a fire in Feb/2015! I've had. Shoulder reduction and two shoulder surgerys! Oh, at the time of injury I was 59. In a nutshell I've been fighting with the city and WC to go back to work! I successfully completed a firefighter physical agility test done of my firefighter job discription. This test was ordered from my Surgeon and physical therapist. It was done at our… Continue

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Training is not just for the bread and butter tasks, but to sharpen skills that we rarely use, too. This cartoon focuses on one of those tasks: standpipe training, tactics and operation. Are standpipes a resource that we use often? Most of us would probably say no. Is utilizing standpipe…


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Firefighters I need help.

Hello, my friends! My name is Igor Pojar and I am from Moldova, Orhei. Since 2008 I have been a Chief at the Rescue and Fire Department Orhei. Orhei region is situated in a picturesque area, with rich historical traditions that invites tourists to admire it! Orhei region is positioned in the heart of Moldova and it is formed out of 75 places organized into 38 city halls. The administrative center of the area is Orhei, situated at 48 km north from the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. The Orhei…


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Fire Patches Collection

Hello, my friends! I am really happy that you have accessed my web- page My name is Igor and am the major of the rescue service, Head of the Firefighters and Rescue Unit from Orhei, Civil Protection and Emergency Situations Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Moldova / I have been collecting firefighter patches since- 2011, so I am a young collector :D, but my collection is growing daily. If you are a firefighter patches’ collector, please, do help me…


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Close-call for two firefighters in Bethlehem Thursday morning when they transmitted a mayday.

firefighters bail out of windows and mayday was transmitted in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania ;

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How to Be Calm During Chaos (in only 48 seconds)

I thought that some of the Brothers and Sisters here might be interested in this article I recently authored for a homeland security blog.

How to Be Calm During Chaos (in only 48 seconds)…


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Strong Winds and Undercurrents in 2016

Do any of you remember Chief Reason?

Yeah; I used to be a regular here back in the day.

Fun fact; Tiger Schmittendorf and Art "ChiefReason" Goodrich were the very first bloggers signed to That has been a while ago.

When I look at the list of bloggers there now, I see that my friends at My Own Worst Enemy and Firehouse Zen are the only ones left from days gone by.

I believe that with our time during the day being so constrained; more and more are…


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Perhaps it's time for Smokey to get back to his carnivorous roots... natural knucklehead herd thinning in action.



Click here to see more of my work or to order prints:…


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Posting of products

Can I post my products that I have for sale?

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Please take our poll and let us know if today's public safety and emergency response departments are meeting the needs of its members following the death of one of their own.

When someone we love dies, family members, co-workers and friends are often at a loss as to how to cope with the devastating effects of grief. In the fire service and EMS…


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5 Healthy Food Hacks for Fire Rescue Athletes

Do you want to know how fit fire rescue athletes make nutritious meal choices?  Here are some shortcuts, go-to recipes, cooking suggestions and go-to snacks for making the life of a fire rescue athlete a little healthier.

Eating healthy with a demanding job can be difficult.  Add in the fact that the firehouse is usually full of non-nutritious choices like cakes and baked goods and its no wonder that obesity, diabetes and heart disease are huge concerns in the fire industry.  Yet, as…


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...and some days I draw cartoons that are about nothing what so ever!


Click link below to see more of Paul's work or to buy prints:…


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As an artist who has studied human behavior for the better part of my 49 years, I can honestly say "huggable moments" are a societal issue more than a generational one. It's easy to point our fingers at the Millennials and Gen-Zs for this, but as an instructor for the past 15 years I can tell you that the Gen-Xs…


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Great Firefighter Creation

Hello Fellow Fighters,

I am now retired but I like to stay connected by creating things that I think firemen would like to see or have. This item is a great conversation piece that would be good for your fireman leisure wardrobe and
you can click this link to check it out

Thanks for your service,

Donald Raether

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Blog for 2/24-2/25

So we are in the middle of a very large electrical storm here in CT. My department has been very busy tonight with a total of four calls as of now. Two for lines down and two medical calls. I went to the first wires down call just down the street from my house. Being fire police, I was in charge of closing the road while local crews worked to restore power. When i left the scene i headed back up the street and as i passed my house, i noticed a tree down in my drive way. i decided to just go…


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Firefighter Fitness- 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Results…

Its the dead of winter, football season is over and spring seems so far away.  This is also the excuse season, the time of the year where most people fall off the fitness wagon and start to make excuses.  Its especially easy to make excuses and miss workouts if your not seeing results.  So, today I wanted to give you a little guidance and motivation (check out the FRF Fit for Duty…


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A different perspective on value.

This is a neat article on valuing the work of the fire department in terms your finance people can understand!.

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Y'all come check out my website for first responders

Come check out my new website for first responders:

First Responder Brother/Sisterhood

Added by William on January 20, 2016 at 6:59am — 1 Comment

Stop Exercising and Start Training to Get Fire Rescue Fit...

Before I worked as a firefighter, I was a trainer in both large and small health clubs.  During that time I would see a lot of people exercising consistently and with intensity but only make a limited amount of fitness progress.  Why? Because we are all creatures of habit in the gym and out.  These “snail paced progress” gym goers were all doing the same…


Added by Aaron Zamzow on January 14, 2016 at 12:00am — 1 Comment

Local Fires, Global Worries

The old proverb—fire makes a good servant but a bad master—has become too literal a guiding doctrine, for too long. This understanding characterizes fire entirely within the context of how humans relate to fire, while neglecting fires’ innate role within the natural environment, as…


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