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My Take Away From 2014

Since the end of 2014, I have been reading and listening to year end thoughts and data related to the fire service. There has been discussion on types of calls, near misses and, of course, line of duty deaths. Numbers are broken down and categorized for each type of injury or death that is fire service related and then scrutinized. In many cases these are supposed to be used as lessons and to determine the effectiveness of different messages from different mediums about the prevention of…


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Company Officer Daily Journal

This is a basic template you can use for daily journalling as a company officer. I am working on a full print version with will have additional resources included later on. Use this template and add what you need.


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Opposing Forces

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44.7 Percent on Backstep Firefighter

The numbers don’t matter – Capt. Dave LeBlanc


As we continue to discuss the future of the fire service and it’s mission as it relates to fire attack, protecting civilians and our safety, something has become clear.

The numbers don’t matter. It was less safe to return from an incident this year than it was to operate on the fireground. 9 out of 87…


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Building Construction

           With another Christmas officially in the books, it's time to again look to the future. Included in that future is the ever changing face of your district. There is no better time then the present, to get out there and check on what is being built, how are they building it and what would you do, should you have to respond to an incident there. We have three booming subdivisions being thrown together and thrown together quick, the one is putting about two new homes under roof a…


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Opportunities for Training: Not Just on the Drill Ground

Many times we pass on opportunities to train or learn something although many situations lend themselves to doing so. Look for ways to incorporate the situation or circumstance that you are dealing with into a learning moment. The pictures below are of a company training on aerial ops with a candidate operator.

It was a call for an alarm sounding at a medical building after hours. After looking in the windows and doors and seeing no signs of smoke or fire and with the lock box key not…


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Firehouse Nutrition Tip- Eat more fruits and veggies....

Firefighters have physically and mentally demanding jobs which means we (as fire rescue athletes) have demanding nutritional needs to match.  Unfortunately, research confirms that most are deficient in some essential nutrients. The most common deficiencies are in protein, water (hydration), healthy fatty acids, and the essential vitamins. Research…


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This episode of the Firefighter Training Podcast deals with a very serious topic about members who may be in some emotional distress because of the job, or factors in their life outside of the job. None of us would hesitate to help a brother or sister who called MAYDAY on the fireground, but what do we do with the thousands of silent MAYDAYS that are just as life threatening, but not being called.…


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You’re a New Officer: Don’t Try to Save the World all at Once!

As progressive, engaged and enthusiastic firefighters, we all took classes, trained hard and created an image of the way we would be when we got promoted. We would do this and we would do that, damn the consequences and those we might piss off. But, when we got there, it may not have all gone as planned. Hmmm…..did you ever wonder why?

I have seen this happen over the years and it has happened to me during my first years as a young company officer and later on as a chief officer, the…


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What is the Share The Load Program?

Being a firefighter comes with a ton of tremendous rewards. The brotherhood we share is unparalleled in any other profession. We sacrifice our time, family, personal relationships and family to be part of the fire service. I know for myself, not being an active Captain anymore, I’m still completely involved in the fire service in a different capacity. Helping firefighters who are having issues in their personal lives has been a 24/7 job for me. Instead on answering the pager for a fire at 3…


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Who Looks After The Victims?

If you are changing the mission you better let the citizens know – Captain Dave LeBlanc




So with all the discussion going on about SLICE-RS there is a lot of concern from firefighters about such a dramatic shift in our priorities. While SLICERS doesn’t say rescue isn’t a priority, it moves it from…


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Goblet Squat for More Strength on the Fireground

I often get emails and questions about ways to improve leg strength and recovery while in firefighting gear.  We all know that stairs and climbing are…


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Your Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind, Part III

Final in Series by Captain Dave LeBlanc


Editor’s Note: Dave’s first article in this three-part series looks at lessons for the fire service from the popular book “On Combat”. You can read Part I …


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Look UP, Look Out

       I know I don’t need to tell you this, but your department doesn’t have all the answers; neither does your Chief, your Training Officer or you. For that matter, no fireground or emergency scene has ever, or will ever, go flawlessly. We’re human. We’re imperfect. And that’s okay, although this doesn’t mean that we should be satisfied with the status quo, but…


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Your Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind, Part II

Second in a series by Captain Dave LeBlanc



Editor’s Note: Dave’s first article in this three-part series looks at lessons for the fire service from the popular book “On Combat”. You can read Part I …


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NEW Drawn By Fire cartoon posted!

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Drill of the Week: Kinked Line

Drill of the week from Engine House Training, LLC

Kinked Line

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Firefighter killed, hundreds evacuated after ammonia leak at meat processing plant

This past week, a firefighter was killed and 20 people were injured after an ammonia leak at a meat processing plant in Israel. The leak occurred at the Hod Hefer processing plant at Emek Hefer industrial zone north of Netanya. The incident forced the evacuation of over a hundred people from the surrounding area. Some reports state that the leak occurred after one of the factory’s employees hit a pipe…


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Not Just Another Fire - The newest partner in the FireEMSBlogs Network

I want to take a moment to introduce you to our recently redeveloped site, located at www.NotJustAnotherFire.net. We are excited to be working with…


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Your Eyes Are Useless When the Mind is Blind, Part I

New post, and series, from Captain Dave LeBlanc


Recently I had the opportunity to re-read “On Combat” by Lieutenant Colonel David Grossman. While this book is geared toward the sheepdogs of society (police and military) there are some definite concepts that affect the fire service and firefighters. As I was re-reading it, I…


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