There is a big controversy brewing in my department. As it is right now I company officer position titles are Sergeant and Captain. Every station has a station Captain on one shift, the two other shifts are run by a Sergeant. Captians have white helmets and Sergeants have red helmets. The department is getting ready to change this and put Captains in red helmets as they should be, and put Sergeants back in black helmets with a red leather front to distinguish them from firefighters. I am a Sergeant and I personally do not care what color my helmet is as long as the department pays for this one since they want to change it but some of our Sergeants are infuraited and I believe it is going to be a big issue and a sore subject for awhile? What do you all think about it? What color scheme does your department use? Do you think the issue is as small as I do? There are many department out there that operate the same way, if you work in a department where everyone's helmet is virtually the same color does that cause you a problem?

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the only thing i can say is to those sgts if the helment color is the only thing that makes them a officer then they are not real leaders i wanna think that anyone that works with me or around me could pick my leadership out of the bunch even if i was wearing a baseball cap.
In my company the Chief, Deputy, Assistant and Chief Engineer all wear White. The Assistant Engineer wears red, the Safety Officer wears orange and everone else wears black. There has been much discusion about the chief engineer (being me) going to a red helmet with a white front. Either way I everyone respects our chain of command and the color of the helmet is just that...a color.
I agree, There's been talk around my area about helmet colors. I'm the captain in my Department and we run White for our chief and 2 assistants, Red for our Captain and Luietenant, Orange for our Safety Officer, Black for our Firefighters, and Yellow for our Junior Members. Some neighboring Departments run Blue for the LTs, Some run blue for the rescue Captains, One runs blue for their safety officers, another runs green for their safety officer, and another runs yellow for their captains and red for their firefighters. So when we do mutual aid it kinda sucks. But try to get everybody on the same paige well alot harder than it sounds. Either way we all should know who's in charge and if you're confident in yourself and in your skills you should be alright.
In my Dept. witch is a combo Dept. everyone wears a black helmet except the 3 Chiefs and our saftey officer.The Caps and luiets have white fronts...Keepin it simple.
Amen to that. We have bigger things to worry about in the fire service than helmet colors, i.e. how we're all going to get home safely at the end of the day and still provide good customer service.

FYI-Our department goes as follows:

Chief/Asst. Chief - White
Captains - Orange
Lieutenants - Orange
Sergeants - Red
FF/Engineers - Yellow
Probies - Black

Just my 2 cents...
The majority of the departments around us have the same colors for the position held

White- Chief officers
Red - Captain
Yellow - Lieutenant
Black- Firefighters
Orange- Cadets/Probies
Its not really a big deal, colors are colors.
In my department
Asst. chief-white
Lieutenant-black with reflective Lieutenant decals
I think it is always interesting to see how different depts. do helmet colors. In my area, this is how we do it:
Chief and Assistant Chief-- White
Captains-- Yellow
Lieutenants-- Red
Firefighters-- Black
Medics-- Blue

I have a blue helmet to designate I am a Medic, but I was just voted into a Lt's slot so this has raised some questions. Do I keep my blue helmet? Do I have to wear a red helmet? Do I mark my red helmet with EMS/Medic or something? Or do I mark my blue helmet LT? It's not a huge issue, but one we will discuss and decide.

It is nice to have the colors on a fire scene, simply so that you have some idea who is charge, and who is who. The only reason we have blue for medics is because there are a current total of 2 of us on my dept, and a grand total of 4 in my district. We are two depts who went together to form a district.

Our department keeps it pretty simple...

Chief Officers - White
Capt. and (2) Lt.'s - Red
FF - Black
Probies - Yellow

We have EMTs but they are not specially designated. When it comes time to do their job...they just do it.

Hope this helps. Peace and Safety to all.
My Dept. used to do the whole different color for each rank deal. Chief/ Asst. Chief= white
Capt.= red
Lt.= orange
everyone else= yellow
Now its alot simpler, everybody wears black. The only difference is the color of our tetrahedrons.
All us officers have blue, firefighters have orange, probies are yellow and the juniors have triangles instead of tets.
Real simple, real basic.
They ended up letting me keep my blue helmet. I put Fire/Medic rockers on the side, and LT on the back to designate the rank. The other officers know that everyone on the dept knows who I am and that I am an officer. Thanks for the thought, though!
We all wear black helmets... Chiefs have white leather fronts capts and lts red... everyone else black with an engine co number as first digit then second digit as rank in that engine co...


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