Around the coffee table, our shift was discussing how nice it was to have I.A.F.F. stickers on our apparatus and helmets. How many have or know of other fire departments that allow I.A.F.F. stickers on their apparatus or helmets?

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There are departments in our area that have the on all trucks. We are not one of them. We have asked and been denied. We are technically not even allowed to have them on our helmets at this time.
Ummmm. No. that would never fly here. Not with our current commissioners and not until we have collective bargaining.
I know a couple of guys in my department that have stickers on their helmets but we have none on any of the trucks, im not sure if thats because its not allowed or we jsut havent done it though.
Our Chief won't allow them on helmets or apparatus. We bug him about it in a nice way and he just won't budge. It doesn't really kill me either way, but I would certainly take advantage if it was allowed.
Not allowed on our Helmets or Apparatus. Two depts. north of us have them on their apparatus.
yes we have them and are allowed to as well
We're not allowed to display union stickers on our equipment or apparatus. Hopefully in the future we will be allowed.
Mt Vernon allows it, we would do it anyway.
Topeka does not allow it but we do it anyway, on apparatus and helmets. But you half to understand we have also taken a vote of no confidence in our chief.
its amazing how many of us do that and it means nothing, worst yet they were one of us
We have IAFF stickers on all of our rigs as well. We also, after a brief fight with City Council, have "Support Our Troops" stickers on every rig.
If anyone would like IAFF stickers I can get any type you would like.
Sports teams
and any others you could want please contact me


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