Is cooking a steak on a grill real BBQ,? or is real BBQ cooked low and slow?

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I personalybelieve low and slow is the onlyreal BBQ.
BBQ is like you said, low and slow. Cooking a steak, burger, brat..... That's grillin' High heat, fast and furious.
exactly right got to be low and slow grilling is burgers and dogs that anyone can do. BBQ is a slow art form that takes time and not everyone can do correctly.
LOL good topic people tell me to turn it up all the time. Its all abo low and slow!! You can't rush perfection!
Low and slow is it......also, true BBQ is indirect heat and smoke, not directly over charcoal or gas.....the last brisket I did for a Super Bowl party was a 12 pounder that took about 17 hours. A good smoker will not go over 220-250 degrees.
Ok, Caleb, I'll give you my brisket recipe........About 1-1 and a half hours per pound. Two days before cooking marinate a 10-12 lb. brisket in a mixture of Lawry's Teriyaki marinade, two cans crushed pineapple, two cups orange juice, liquid smoke, worchestershire sauce, and if you can get it wherever you are, two bottles of Shiner Beer(Hey, I live in Texas). Pierce your meat and dust it with season all salt, lemon pepper, onion powder, and garlic powder. Marinate at least 24 hours. and then put it on your smoker, fat side up, and turn every four hours.(If you have any spare clean firefighting gloves, this works great)Spray it with the mixture of Dr. Pepper and apple juice whenever you turn it....
Starting with the fat side up allows it to melt down through the brisket and tenderize it.
First time I have ever heard of the fat side up first, makes real good sense, great info and thanks. Also here at stately Baker Manor in the amish land, its always low and slow.
Don't worry boys, even out west it's low and slow. I agree, that Brisket does sound delicious. Keep up the tradition of cooking in the firehouse!
Yup I agree with the Low-N-SLow is real BBQ and the high heat steak searing is grilling.
Low and Slow man ! It's the only way to do it . Variations on this same theme are great too , like using hickory chips to add to the smokey flavor . I've even used cedar .what has anyone else used ?
Al the :)
Mesquite wood is the only thing I cook with. If your in an area where mesquite does not grow buy some mesquite chips from Walmart almost as good.


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