I wanna know the sista-hood does to keep in shape. In all of the incident reports I've read on the NIOSH site- it saddens me to see so many deaths being health related. It will be interesting to read the reports in the next ten years with the increase of women in the fire service. It's fabulous that so many keep safety in mind when fighting fires- Everyone goes Home... BUT- what about the personal responsibility and the responsibility we have to those we work with when it comes to our health?

I want to know what YOU all do to keep your SELF safe, and healthy.

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I'm a big believe in pole dancing! It sounds a little odd, but its fun and works every muscle in the body. No, I'm not a stripper, I have a private pole in my home. Oh, and Bowflex, love the bowflex.
haha pole dancing that cracks me up!! good on u tho! I do a power 90 fat burner video every morning cept thursday (my kelly day) take 2 opti woman multivitamins every morning as well. I then do my personal weight training followed by a protien shake in the afternoon. Its great; I have a 6 pack that puts some of the guys to shame! they give me a hard time about the power 90 video but hey... who has the 6 pack lol THATS RIGHT me :)
.I started going to a gym that was 20 minutes outside of our township.I needed to be closer to home and my cheif told me if I could get the eqipment donated he would support a fitness plan. Being the only female I used the don't be a sissy and let a girl beat you mentality.Now all the guys are exercising and have made their own challenges to push each other to go farther. It was a slow start but the results are becoming obvious.
Well, it has taken a while for me to get up the gumption to talk about this topic... So here goes. Until 8 weeks ago, I had no fitness program to speak of, and though I wasn't happy about it, I was making no great attempts to change that fact. THEN I started 240 Fire School. Now, the school was supposed to have a mandatory PT program throughout the class. My class ended up as the "glitch" class... in two words? NO PT. Soooo... I asked one of my classmates who DID use the gym to get me started on something to help me get some upper body/arm strength. That sparked a fairly consistent 6:30 a.m. drag-the-body-down-to-the-gym routine. The physical demands of the 240 Firefighter class did the rest. My system is simple. Don't kill yourself (i.e., make sure you can move the day after) Work ARMS one day, work LEGS next day, so forth and so on. Do some form of cardio as often as possible. Three sets of everything. Now that I'm out of school and back to working Private EMS, the last thing I want to do is go back to being a couch potato. I'm on a 24/48 shift right now, so I'm trying to push myself and make the time to work out. The newest things I've tried since being out of fire school (1 week-- grin!) are Leslie Sansone walking tapes (they combine walking and firming exercises) and hopefully free weights. I have to figure out how to bench press 1/2 my body weight with my ARMS. I have to learn how to do pushups, and I have to get better at doing situps. The good news? I've started to work out. The bad news? Got a long, long, LONG way to go yet!! Talk to you gals later! Take care, be safe.
I do a wide variety of training. I still do the heavy weights a couple of times a week, full body routine basically. I prefer crossfit for functional fitness and also run with my dog and do my boxing training (amazing workout, even if you never step into the ring). I, too, am a firm believer of staying fit. it's tough enough to be a woman in the fire service, so letting your fitness slip would be a BIG mistake... anyone allowing their fitness to slip is a big mistake.
I agree, taking responsibility includes making sure you stay fit and not a risk to yourself or your crew!

PS - Pole dancing... amazing!!
Ok so I don't have any sort of fitness routine. I just had my 2nd son in August and I admit the thought of working out makes me want to just pull the covers back over my head in the morning. BUT... I will be starting 240 school in Fb./March so my hubby bought us a Bowflex. It should be here in the next couple of days and I actually am looking forward to starting. Anyone else have one? Any tips would be great.
Nope, don't have a Bowflex, but good luck on the getting into shape trail. It is worth it. I used to laugh when people told me there would be a time when exercise would make you feel better, and that you'd actually enjoy exercise. (I'm still laughing... but a tiny flicker of light is approaching!) Don't try to kill yourself, and good luck on fire school, let us know how that goes for you!
I love the bowflex too... now pole dancing sounds fun...what a way to get in shape... how did you start? was it a class, or buy a home pole dancing kit??? seriously...
I had to run in fire academy, but when that started to not be such a routine anymore, it got tough. Then my mom passed away, and i worked out like a big dog.... that was kinda neat, from the observer's point of view how much i could work out when i was running away from the pain...but now that the emergency stage is over with that, i am left with looking for a routine- which in my book should have some form of running- or jogging. I hated HATED running when i first started, but now it's kinda fun... and like the others have said- working out makes you feel spectacular!!!! It's getting over that mind crunch that says that you don't want to do it...why put out all this effort... once you can talk yourself past that- things get easier.
We're lucky, in our city they provide a weight room and/or treadmill- eliptical in all 15 stations. So, really its like getting paid to work out. Thats what makes me wonder why so many of the men in our dept. are so overweight.go figure..lol. I'm 48 and have a pretty routine regimine to keep up with the young bucks.We're 24 on 48 off, and work 7pm to 7pm so I always work legs(lunges,squats with the ball, calf presses and the stairs) when I get to work(after checking in all the equip. of course)then get up at 6a before the guys(our wake up tones go off at 7:30) and get 2-3 miles in on the treadmill, then all of us do weight circuit training late in the afternoons before we get off. I sure have noticed that at my age I have to work hard just to break even these days- darn metabolism. Of course sometimes the routine is broken up by calls but I try to stick to it even if we've been running all night.I get a kick outta being able to outlast some of the young guys at working fires etc...lol. But I just enjoy feeling strong- don't do any of it for a bikini figure, those days are behind me.But it helps me keep up with 4 grandkids too when they come over! Speaking of, I've got them all coming over to spend the night tonight, so I'd better get busy! Stay safe sisters! p.s. I've got an ab lounge and portable stepper at the house that I love to use on my off days too...and if I weren't afraid of busting my arse I'd love to try the pole dancing thing sometime too!LOL
Well my Bowflex will be here tomorrow. For the first time in my life I'm actually excited about working out. I used to work out everyday, but I hated every minute of it! Now I think it might have something to do with the fact that I need to and want to be able to do well in class. In 36 class it just wasn't necessary, so I never started. I will let you guys know how it works out and keep you posted on how school is going as well. Stay safe out there!
glad to see some people who actually own a Bowflex and aren't posing on TV. HA. "I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends." nice.

anyway...for all you out there who have a Bowflex, are you happy with it? i've been contemplating one for a few years now. i'm very self-motivated, and the last time i had a homegym i used it religiously. is it worth the expense?

and for b leigh...i cannot BELIEVE you put together the words "HOME POLE DANCING KIT". if you find one...let me know. :)


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