Most states require that in order to become a certified EMT, you must be 18. In some states, such as New Jersey, allow 16 year olds to become certified EMTs. And no, according to NJ's state laws, a 16 year old EMT is just as qualified to provide the same level of care as an adult. I am 16 and am a member of an EMS organization that is responsible for EMS coverage for a large area, and there is NO Junior/Explorer program, meaning I am entitled to do everything an adult EMT can do medically.

My question is, how do you feel about this system? I want your honest opinion, and will not get offended as long as it is your opinion and you aren't personally attacking/insulting people.

(Example: "I dont like young emts" or "I think its stupid for a minor to be an emt" would be opinions,

whereas "You are an idiot" or "I dont like you" arent really opinions but are rather offensive."

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I think, that 16 is a fine age for someone to become a EMT because you really have to grow up to start to decided to do those type of things. Since you decided to become a certified EMT then you should be on a lower level as other EMT's because you guys and gals all have the same level of training but young emts have less experience.
So what your wanting is people to pat you on the back and tell you they would work along side you?
Sounds more like a statement then asking for opinions.
I am NOT a fan of a 16,17 yr old doing that job. You want to take your training then...fine, but the field is not a place for teens I feel. Thats just my opinion !!!
Ken much like you I got my EMT while still a teenager. I left the field when my first son came along, and 2 years ago got back in the game. I will tell you that while I wasnt a bad EMT, I am a much better one now. There is no short cut to life experiance and even if we dont admitt it life experiance makes a giant difference not in the technical part of patient care but the emotional part. I wish you luck, but I am comfortable saying in 15 years even you will look back and agree you are better than at 16,
Nothing speaks for experience...but just because you have your EMT card makes you a good EMT. You still need the right mentor and training under that person. It doesnt matter what age you are it all comes down to your training and how well you apply your training.In time you become more independent and able to easily handle things on on your own. The more experience you get the better you get to recognize things.
I'm 18 in Maryland and I know some 16 year olds in my emt class that is in my company,to me minors as EMTs its alittle mind boggling but same time the instructors are signing off on paper saying I am confident in this person on the street,it might be an idea for departments have sogs/sops saying till 18 they have to ride with another emt to help with x amount experience/years before going off on there own unless about to scratch or first responder is requested and no one else is there ems wise except a driver they can take it.
I dont feel that 16 is too young to start riding along, getting training etc under your belt and exposure, then becoming an EMT at 18. I think that would be a little better.

I personally haven't come across too many teenagers that can be dedicated enough at the age of 16, but its just my personal observation. there are exceptions to every rule.

and legalities, if something were to go wrong, with having a minor as and EMT. that would be a big concern of mine. just my 2 cents
I can't really say that I am really for or against EMT's starting at 16. I know many ppl that are 16 who could probably run circles around somebody who would be in there 20's or whatever age it is. My only worry is that in the eyes of many people 16 is a young age to see some of the things that we see in this field. I've seen and experienced some of horrible things and even after doing this for 4 years (which isnt very long compared to other, im only 22.) It still gets to me sometimes. Especially in a small community. If I see a friend I used to go to high school with it bothers me. I just can't imagine still being in school and the pressures you would get from your peers if they knew you were there. I just dont want it to negatively affect somebody that young or anybody for that matter.
16 yr olds have to go through the same training as 18yr olds and older. So i dont see one prob with it and im takin the tests for becoming an emt. They made it so if you dont really care for it u wolnt pass thats pretty much how my class was the people that want it passed so far but we still have the practical and written test.
Getting started at an early age will help you really know if in fact this is something you really want to do and can handle. You also have youth on your side so physically your ahead of the game & not falling apart, I hope. Second, there are many who love to mentor new EMT's and if your open to this you should do well, good luck to ya.
meaning I am entitled to do everything an adult EMT can do medically.

Entitled?? Sure about that?

Let me ask you this, can you legally vote? Can you legally sign your own HIPAA?

You want opinions? My opinion is is a seriously liability to haveanyone younger than 18 doing any type of emergency response. In my opinion it is a moronic stupid law which should be changed.

You are asking MINORs to be legally responsible for someone and for the pt's care when they themselves can not legally vote nor sign their own HIPAA forms. At 16 kids should worry about being kids and perfecting something like driving etc, before worrying about patient care.

Fine if you want to be eager to learn and so forth, learn CPR and first aid, but there is a big difference than acting in good faith as a Good Samaritan and being legally responsible for pt care.
18 should be the minimum age for anyone working in a public safety field.
You should legally be an adult prior to engaging in an adult profession.

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