Ok you get issued a number when you join your department of course the chief is usually 101 asst. 102 and so forth 101-109 on our dept. is for officers  after that the numbers really dont matter. I noticed on other departments it may be different how does it work on yours? I am 116.

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Dept. officers are given 100 numbers. For instance the dept Chief is 100, the assist. Chief is 101, captains start at 105 and so on. Everyone else is done by station for instance I am out of station 2 so I am 255, someone I know out of station 3 is 302, etc. But we don't really have certain districts that we work out of we can respond to any call anywhere in our dept's coverage area. We cover most of Bell county Kentucky except Frakes, the city of Middlesboro and the city of Pineville, and Red Bird.
On our dept. you are issued a number (1-25) when you join and it stays with you, even if you become or leave and officer position. My number is 20, my husband, who is our chief is 24.
I am with a career FD. We have no "assigned numbers" for members, we used radio designations; for example...

Chief is Car 1, Deputy's are designated D-1 through D-4, Captains M-1 through M-4, Lieutenants are designated L-1 through L-8.

Firefighters are designated by their position on the rig, for example, firefighters assigned to Engine 1 are designated as follows:

Engine 101 is the driver, Engine 102 and Engine 103 is based on the duties assigned for the day.
Engine 201, 202, 203
Tower 101, 102, 103
etc. etc. etc.

The Deputy carries a ride list, and the radio designations are faxed to Fire alarm daily at shift change. If a mayday or urgent call is heard, Fire alarm can use the radio identifier and cross reference with the name, as does the Deputy Chief on duty. Should the Deputy be out, the Captains also carry a copy of the tour's ride list.
in our county all of the depts have station numbers our station is 21 so my # 2155 ranking ofcrs 2100 for the grand pubah 2102 asst grand pubah and so on
In our home county, all the fire personnel numbers begin with 700. We are at Station 30. And I am Unit 5 at my station, so my call is 735.
We go by our district number which is 9 for us. CHief is 990, DC is 991 AC is 992 on down. I am a LT so my number is 904. The firefighters are numbered by which station they are on. For example if they are on North station then the are N14, central station they would be C14.
Our numbering system for the station level goes like this:

Station # (My station is 10)

1- A shift Capt
2 - B Shift Capt
3 - C Shift Capt
4,5,6 - Volunteer Officers

I'm 10-05
My departments prefix is 2. So our chief is F-200 and the rest of the officers are F-201 through F-208. Regular personel start at F-210 and go from there. My number is F-225. Our trucks are numbered 21 through 26.
Here in Oregon its based on your Department Number. Ours is 6200. So as Chief my official number is 6221. Most everyone knows me by my radio number as B21 or Brookings 21. I'm just Fireyladd. :)
hi my name is doug hudson and im with the Ordway vol fire dept and we are
the main dept for ower county and ower numbers are 411 is the chief and 412
is the asst.chief and so on and so on mine is 435 and im also an officer.
At our department you are issued a number which stays with you through whatever position you have. The numbers dont really go in any order. If a number is vacated by somebody who either quits the department or reaches life membership and doesnt remain active then it goes to the next probie to come through the door. this number is coupled with our station number. My number is 160-25
We get random numbers based on availabilty...except for the chiefs....mine is 16-28...16 is the Department 28 is me


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