So my department has a 4500 gallon tri-axle monster of a tanker that we have given the nickname "the whale." I want to know if anyone has anything bigger. I dont know how to upload a photo from a differant computer but if you check out my page there is a pix of it somewhere. You will notice it (the big white truck) LOL

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I would really like those trucks if they wernt yellow LOL.
We have a 60000 gal tanker but it so slow and bulky it is hard to get around in it..
At Baugo we have a 1800 gal, and a 4000 gal. tankers there are 2 other depts that have semi trailers that carry like 8000 gal I believe.

We have a pair of these - the work great in field fires but are not the fastest thing to get to a fire but once there they are a work horse. Each 1000 gallon tanker has a 200' booster line and integrated foam system. They also work well in the winter when we get called out to pull the city fire trucks out of the snow banks.
Sorry ours is only 1500 Gallons I think.
When we run to a call we have 9000Gals available and thats without mutual aid...we are in a rural area and water has always been an issue...our engines can carry 1000gal on one and the other can carry 1500 small tanker has 2400gal on board and then the big tanker can haul 6000 gal...(it is a tractor trailer)...We have 2 other departments in our county with similar capabilities plus or minus a couple thousand gal.....LOL Stay safe and always keep the faith......Paul
Yikes Will....!!!!! I hope this is a typo.....60,ooo gals...!!!!!Paul
Seriously, is that 60,000 gals, or 6,000 gals?
well my town doesnt have a tanker that big, but a found a few that have bigger in my state (pictures attached

Tanker 1 - 1982/2002 Mack/KME 5000-Gallon^^^^^^

my town has a - 1989 Mack/KME 1500gpm/3000 gal tank, but there is nothing like hearin that big old mack wind up at the report or a house fire

This is from my old dept. it is a 2007 Frieghtliner 3,000 Gal pumper made by FireMaster in Missouri
"Big Bertha" is our biggest tender. i think she holds 5000 gals but we only roll 25-3000. wheels dont turn so well full. lol we only have a couple hydrants in district. the other tender is 2500 gals with a 3000 gal dump tank.
dont quote me on these numbers though...pretty sure im close though.
We have a 3000 gal tanker, an 1800 gal tanker, our two engines have 1000 and 1800 gals and pump 1250gpm.

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