So my department has a 4500 gallon tri-axle monster of a tanker that we have given the nickname "the whale." I want to know if anyone has anything bigger. I dont know how to upload a photo from a differant computer but if you check out my page there is a pix of it somewhere. You will notice it (the big white truck) LOL

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wow!!!! thats a big tanker, my volunteer fire department has a 2000 gallon tanker with a front mount pump on it. that is not even close to your truck. we use it alot for mutual aids nd for all of our fires.
we have a 2,600 gallon tanker
cool, Justin
Hey, Dustin. I've visited your FFN site. seen your whale. Can you post a side view picture of "the whale." or a better angle shot. thanks.
Thats pretty sweet!!!! I didnt think that many people actually used tractor-trailers for tankers.
I'm gona try to get a side picture of it for ya
The CFA does NOT have bulk water tankers. Our structure/wildfire firefighting vehicles are called 'Tankers', and the largest of them carry less than 4000 litres, not gallons. This post is rubbish.
seriously dude, who the hell says rubbish???
Well, that's interesting! The post I made that comment about, added by someone calling himself 'Aussie Firery', has disappeared! That posters' comments, and a thread he started, and his home page all raised questions for me. I've passed those questions on to the Web Master. I suppose I could attempt to remove my post as well, but then your comment would look strange - so I'll leave this little 'sub thread' as it is. Sorry about any confusion Dustin.
Is bigger really better? I read in Popular Science Magazine about the latest firefighting tool called FIT. It is on It is a round canister with a handle which looks like a cross between a frizby and a lunchbox! Pull cord, throw into fire and it will emit a chemical mist potassium chloride) that keeps the blaze from spreading. It will cool a room from 1,000F to 300degrees in 10 seconds.
Well, what fun is that???!!!! If i cant make entry and knock the fire out with a good ol 2 1/2" then whats the point??? Anyway, were talking about tankers, not FIT's
Ma'am, It was discussed at this post topic it is one of our latest equipment to our arsenal. But I believe, tanker is still needed. Depending on the situations.

TCSS michael.

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