jus curious who was your influences on joining the fire service,
how did they help you?

one of my main influences were my dad who always told me firefighters never give up and that i could do it, so if there were hard parts of training that i felt i couldnt do his voice would pop into my head saying that and it pushed me to keep going.

let me know who influneced you

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My Dad also influenced me he was a firefighter from the time he was in 8th grade (this was in the 1960's) himself and another boy from the school would leave school with the janitor who was one of our charter members and go run calls with him they would mainly pull hose of the trucks didn't get to do much of the "Fun stuff" till later on lol he was a firefighter at Little River Volunteer Fire Department where i am now until 1989 about a year after i was born he was there for about 20 years or so and is now our vice president on the board of directors. as a kid i would actually put on his gear and squirt my sister with a water hose because she was on "fire" he is 6'8 so it didn't fit me to well as you would imagine but it inspired me to be a firefighter. and I'm thankful for it.
My Father as well was a big influence in me becomeing a firefighter. He got hired on the job 6 months after i was born (1984) so i have been around it all my life. I also have a uncle who is on the job since about 1990 so being around those two i was hooked... I also grew up around alot of firefighters going to school with thier kids so i was constantly around it. Loved it then and love it now
My Father, he was with the fire sevice for 45 years.
There was an individual that took me under his wing when I first got started. He taught me a ton about firefighting. Unfortunately, he was a LODD in 2000. I have never forgot the "basics" he taught me though.
i must say my brigade people were a big part of me wanting to keep doing it after i joined
my mentor, my training officer and everyone who were there to help and teach me now i dnt think i could even transfer anywhere else because theyre my team
My father was the main influence in me joining the Fire Service. I was accepted and went to as many trainings as I could. I learned a lot from him and when he felt that I learned enough right from him he "threw me to the wolves" as it were and I had the chance to learn from the other members that we have.
My father was a positive influence for sure. I think much of my influence however was to adult men who I was around when I was growing up. Since I lost my father at 12 it seemed that there was always a male adult in my life who directed me and provided positive influence.
My dad was my influence as well. He became an EMT shortly before I was born (1983) and was a Paramedic by the time I was two (1985). During that time he helped reorganize the local volunteer fire department and started the rescue unit there. So needless to say I have been around the fire & rescue service my entire life. I would run calls with him all the time and help out on the scene anyway I could. I became a First Responder and Cadet firefighter when I was thirteen (1996) and by the time I was 19 (2003) I was a certified volunteer firefighter. I am now a firefighter / EMT-Basic, Chief of the local department and trying to go career. It was because of him that I am where I am and I cannot image what my life would be like if things had been different. When my buddies where going out all night and getting in trouble, I was running calls or hanging out at the fire station. He is still active and on occasion we but heads because technically he answers to me, but I haven't lost the respect I have for his years of experiance and never ending list of certifications. On an EMS scene he might as well be the Chief. The only difference between me and him is that I love to fight fire and he hates it but we both love trauma and extrication.
My brother who never came home from the WTC on 9/11.
omg thats really sad, very sorry to hear, i'm not sure what to say but its really cool your doing it because of him, i'm sure he would be very proud
ok so i have transfered lol but its all good loving my new station

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