I remember that day well. I was sitting in science class, last door on the right in that hall way, second seat on the second row. An annocment came over the intercom telling all teachers to turn the tv on CNN. About the time we turned it on, we see the live footage of the second plane hitting the south tower I belive. Its a day I will never forget. The day after all you saw was American Flags every where, if you were on myspace everybody had something about it on there page or status.
Now here I sit today I just got off myspace, I counted 4 people, including myself. that had something about 9/11 on there status. Its only been a short time since that day. Have we already started to forget?
Remember the 343 Firefighters, the Medics, the Police Officers, and the normal people that gave it all to us on that day.

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I was at work, watching what transpired when the first plane hit then saw the second plane hit. Within moments my fire department pager went off with the following message: "All fire fighters regardless of status report to your stations as soon as possible."

My boss kept telling me that tower two didn't fall it was all the smoke from the fires. Next thing I knew, we were being evacuated. I dropped off my wife at home and spent the next nine plus hours at the station. Never turned a wheel but we had every piece of apparatus manned and ready to go.
Wow. I wasnt part of an FD at the time. I wish I would have been. I would have drove up from Ga to NYC to help...But when 9/11 happened I was 11 years old...WOW I just thought about that I was 11 years old.
i know what u mean..i was 14 when this happened..i wish i would have been older cause i would have been up there also.. i have a really bad memory, but i remember this day like it just happened..i was in science class in jr. high, and one of the other teachers come in and told us abt the first tower being hit..then we turned on the tv and just watched everything unfold from there..
I remember it vividly as well. It was my Senior year in high school, I was in my study hall sitting next to a friend when our teacher got the call. She immediately turned on CNN before the announcement was made for all classes to turn on the coverage, and we all panicked as we watched the second plane hit. I remember being in a daze, as we all were, but then my instructor got another call and sent me up to the office. My uncle was home on leave for a couple weeks and had just arrived home 3 days prior to 9/11. My family had immediately called the school to have me released so I could see him to say goodbye. We all knew his leave would be called off and he was going to be shipped out. His ship wound up on the longest tour with no shore leave in U.S. Naval history. I was 18, I remember my Mom showing up to get me, driving down and watching the last of the news as my uncle prepared hastily to leave. He got the call 2 hours after the second plane hit that he had to be back to his base by the next morning and they were shipping out the following day.
I was at work listening to Howard Stern when they started talking about the first plane hitting the tower. I had to leave the shop where I work to pickup some items for the shop so I continue to listen on the van's radio. I was telling people at my stops what I was hearing. When I got back to shop I saw this big plume of smoke toward the West.
When I got inside I was told the Pentagon got hit. I wanted to leave and head toward my fire station but I was told I was essential where I was since it is a county government position.
Another of the people where I worked wanted to leave because his wife worked at the Pentagon and he couldn't get ahold of her. She was OK but some of us felt we had the worse boss who just hated certain people in our shop and didn't care about their lifes. He hated anyone in the union or had anything to do with it and those that wouldn't kiss his butt.
I didn't get to my station until 7PM after I went home to eat because I didn't eat all day and change. All the volunteers and off duty career were called in to man everything. They even had to go to the repair shop to pickup a unit that was being repaired to put back in service.
Wow. It still seams like a dream or a hollywood stunt to me...But we all know it was 100% real. I love and support each and every man and women in the United States Armed Forces. I might be brave enought to run into a burning building while others run out...But I could NOT handle the thought that I could get shot ever min. or be blown up by the next car that passed me...God Bless them all
I was 12 yrs old at the time. I think one of the strange things about the attacks for me was since I was/am on the West coast, it all happened while I was still asleep. I know that we always had the TV on watching the news in the morning at home while getting ready for school, but I don't remember hearing anything about it until I got to school and the principle had all the teachers turn on the news. We just stayed in our first period classes and watched the news all day. I was awestruck by what was happening in our country, but had a hard time feeling the impact from it.

I had never been to a city bigger than Seattle, never been east of the Rockies, knew no one currently working in public service or the military. The national news had always seemed like reading a novel, those things could be happening, but I'd never experienced those things. Expect for our winters, we have mild weather. Relatively low crime rates and no crime had ever happened in my neighborhood. No fancy stores with expensive clothing....etc. I had lived my whole life in a quiet small town; not sheltered from the rest of the world, but not exposed to it through real life, only through the TV.

At first, the impact was simiply awe that humans could do such things to each other, it could have happened in another country and had the same initial impact on me. Then with talk of war, I was thinking about WWI and WWII, how the whole country had been changed weather or not one of their family members went to war. Everyone would daily notice the impact on their lives. But that's not how it turned out. My day to day life was never impacted, by the attacks or the war to follow. It has absolutely amazed me how much this country can be doing without it affecting the average citizen's daily life.

I've gotten off topic so I will stop now. Basically, I remember watching it on the news, but it never directly impacted my life; until I was trying to decide what I wanted to do after high school.
i was in American history when we heard about it we stopped what we were working on and spent the rest of the day watching it on tv.
I too remeber it vividly....I was on duty the day before this all transpired. I usually got up early to meet my relief give turnover report and then I would go home. This particular morning...a tuesday, I slept in. We were really busy the night before. When I got up the first plane had already hit the first tower, I walked into dispatch and we were talking about how hard of a job that was going to be. That high up....that much damage. I told everyone bye and got in my truck and drove home. I got home in time to turn the TV on and see live the second plane crash into the second tower. I watched intently, with an uneasy feeling in my gut. When that first tower fell, I lost my breath. I was terrified. What happened to all those people? That was the only thing I could think of. I watched and watched and watched. I was glued to the TV. Then reports started coming in that Al-Queda was taking responsibility for the cowardous act. I was filled with rage and disappointment. Then the second tower fell. I was numb. How in the hell could this have happened here, IN MY COUNTRY? The next day, sick to my stomach and filled with rage and anger, I went to talk to a Marine recruiter. The recruiter wouldn't allow me to enlist due to the dozens of people that wanted to enlist without really thinking about what they were actually getting into. I still have a hard time looking at images of 9-11. I still fell like our country was robbed of something that day. Let us never forget that horrible day. TCSS
I remember on 9/11/01 i was sitting in my fourth grade class room, when an administrator from the school came in and told her what had happened. after getting home that day, they replayed it over and over again on the news, every news station, and me only being in the fourth grade, thought it was happening over and over again and started to cry.
I was at the firehouse that morning getting ready to train a new member
I was in 9th grade sitting in history class, what are the odds learning about old history when new history was happen right in my back yard. Im from the town of Somerset PA about 15 miles give or take from where Flight 93 crashed in Shanksville PA. I will never forget this day.

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