I have wondered what the best blace for a radio. Ive seen them in bunker pants pockets on a radio holder with a strap around the neck like they use in new york or is it best to use a radio pocket on your bunker coat .What about the use of mic clips the best place for them.

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I have a radio strap and it works well for me. Befor the strap I used the radio pocket in my coat with the mic chord around the back of my neck attached to a carabiner to hold it to a clip. That works just fine
was meant to say "ease" of changing channels. oops
I used to put it in the radio pocket until I lost two radios. Now I have a carabineer on my coat and a ring on my radio, hook 'em together and tada I don't lose my radio any more.
I use the radio pocket on the left chest. That works fine on everything but structure fires, due to the mic clip strap is folded inside when you fully dress the neck piece. I am thinking for the next fire I'm gonna try clipping the mic to the cover of the radio pouch and see if it hols...probably won't and I'll be back to the drawing board on this issue.
I use my radio pocket on my coat, i then wrap the ic cord around the back of my neck and clip it to my collar on the opposite side, and it hasn't failed me yet. It also puts the mic rught next to your facepiece for clearer comms.

I use what is called a gear keeper, it's a retractable holder for your mike that attaches to your turnout coat. You can attach the mike holder to your preference that's comfortable for you to get to with ease. My radio is in the pocket holder, then the mike holder is attached to the pocket flap.

Some radios sink deep into the pocket which mine did, making it impossible to access the knobs, to remedy the problem, I stuck a small piece of wood in the bottom of the pocket to rise the height of the radio to the point, that I could access the knobs. If you choose the gear keeper, I recommend you put a S.C.B.A on first, so you would know where to attach the mike holder. If you don't, the shoulder straps could be in the way. You can goggle gear keeper and select firefighting to view it. Works good !
I myself use several areas-- my radio pocket on my coat, I have a leather strap holder but mainly use that in the warm months have tried several ways as described, prefer it in the leather though
Multi-tasking Bro. your the ones that are actually doing the work. We just have to stand there and look pretty. LOL!!
I'm not seeing anyone else using throat mics. Has anyone else tried them before? Just curious. Likely should have started a new discussion on this.
I normally keep my radio in the radio pocket of my coat and the handheld mic is attatched to a retractable gear keeper that is pinned to my mic clip
Ive tried the throat mics but they were hard to key up when youre actually working
leather strap

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