What's burning you? 


Who/what is making you mad?  How is it being handled?  


I teach Conflict Resolution and Employee Counseling each year for our Officer Development program and was hoping to hear what issues you are dealing with. 


I always have the issues that make it in the newspaper, but want more of the day to day issues that are affecting the crews.   Also, let us know if you want the group to offer suggestions.


Thanks in advance,

Randy Keirn, MPA, BSN, RN, EMT-P

District Chief

Lealman Fire District (FL)

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So are you offering free service to those in here that choose to open up and let it out? Or are you looking for statistics and other stories to use as a teaching tool for your instruction classes?
Where's the couch Chief? I've got some stories to tell, we just buried a brother today, lots on my mind...
I’m definitely no expert, but I have learned a number of things that have worked for me over the past 25 years (for what that is worth) and would be happy to try to offer what I think. More importantly, there is a group of firefighters here that have collectively dealt with almost every kind of conflict/difficulty that we can think of.
I hope things aren't really that bad. I've had times in my career that weren't always the best, but I never lost my love of the job.
Sorry to hear that Jonathan. Chin up and keep pluggin away !
Sorry to here that Jonathan.... Hopes and prayers to your Dept. and his family.
I'm really sorry to hear that.

I don't know what else to say right now, but to tell you that I really am sorry for your loss.

It sounds like a cliché, but if you need someone to talk to I would happily lend an ear.
Just cam across this statistic on Thank God it’s Monday!™ - I just read the statistic from Marshall Goldsmith, PhD in Organizational Behavior, that the average employee spends 15 hours each week complaining about his or her boss.
This CAN'T be right. I think it is more.
Care to weigh in an opinion on this thread?

What's burning you?

Right now the notion of children thinking they should be entitled to be utilized as actual FF's on the fireground and the lack of adult control or supervision to allow such issues to occur.
that the average employee spends 15 hours each week complaining about his or her boss.

Is that all? My people spend that much time a shift. Some people aren't happy unless they are stirring the pot.
Condolences...from all of your brothers in Central New Jersey...we almost lost a Chief on a job in a neighboring district here last night...we lost a guy in a collapse in another neighboring district in 2007. It's the toughest life has to offer, undoubtedly, but you are not alone in your grief.
Amen. As a teacher, I love to see children and young adults taking an interest in a vocational undertaking and expressing civic mindedness, so Junior and Explorer programs are one of my favorite things about the fire recruitment process.

However, even when I was an adult, before I was finished with Fire-I, I never left the warm zone.

Under 18 means nowhere near the hot zone!

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