The Old Timer- Has been around forever…and lets everyone know it. Also always telling stories of the past and how things were better.


The New Guy- Been a member for less then a year and wants to do and learn everything. Signs up for every fire school makes every run and never says no to anything.


The Experienced Firefighter- Has been around for awhile. Knows what to do on-scene, not much for doing things around the firehouse.


The Crowd Pleaser – this is the person who is always on the engine but always talking to someone in the crowd instead of fighting fires. Tells the best fire stories


The Mystery Man/women- has been a member for years but no one can remember them ever fighting a fire. Or they tell that ONE fire story they talk about….of a fire that happened 5 years ago.


The Know –it- all- Can recite every NFPA standard and company SOP but usually can’t handle an 1 ¾” by themselves


The Washer – Washes the equipment, very dedicated and will yell at people for getting the engine dirty….at a fire. Usually appointed Engineer but may not be qualified to drive said engines that they clean.


The Driver – Only drives and will leave the firehouse if someone beats them to the engine. Usually an older member, but not old enough to considered an Old Timer.


The New Officer – First year LT or Capt, usually around 18-21, well liked but will burn down the town if given the chance


The Old Officer – has experience and doesn’t get fazed by much except Russians coming over the hill. And if they do he will just call for an 2nd alarm.




That Guy/Girl- Their members, they come around once awhile and no one knows their name.


The Dirty Gear FF – Gear always looks like he ran with the busiest engine in NYC when the company only has 100 calls and 2 working alarms a year.


The Squirrel – Shows up for every working fire, in their district and others. Always in the picture of someone’s fire. Even stops to help at MVC. May drive their car and park on the next street and sneak in the back and blend in to help out.


The Freelancer – Your crew is supposed to be on the roof and they are inside. Their supposed to be inside and he is on the roof. You’re the RIT crew and he is humping hose into the front door.


The Meeting member – Goes to all the meeting…especially ones that serve food. And just goes to meetings, nothing else.


The Jealous Boyfriend member- Only joined because his girlfriend did and knows someone will try to sleep with her.


The Wife/girlfriend member- See above but ruins the fun for everyone else because now they can’t joke or curse or act like they used to because they think she will tell their wives or girlfriends.


The Voting Member – Only comes around to vote. Doesn’t know who they are voting for but will exercise their God given right to vote….even if it ruins the company. Might even be bused in to vote. Usually an old timer.


The TV guy- Always in the TV room. No one else gets the remote or can watch what they want.


The Photographer- Takes pictures of every fire and usually the first suspect in arson cases because he always shows up before the first engine.

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Guess I am the Experienced New Old Guy.....with a little of the Know it all in him....a jack of many trades and a master of none.......LOL
I'm sorry Chief but that kind of attitude has no place in the fire service.......LMOA
Sounds a little like me as well LOL
You'll have to keep trying, Craig...can't find myself. But I do recognize several members...LOL
The Old Officer, except the Russians don't phase me much either.
You forgot one group
Id say im the The Experienced Firefighter.

I show up for calls. But i haven't touched a broom in months, hah.
I will agree, But I have to say it's a funny feeling
I'd say im a mix of a few of them The dirty gear guy, The washer, The new guy. Generally im up for anything if it needs doing ill do it. if i have to please a crowd ill do that have to burn a town ill do that. Have been on freelancing truck in a major wildfire before and its not fun.
what about a go getter, the guy who shows up to any an all calls when the kids aren't home, and shoes up on training days just because he knows the game always changes and makes all meeting and makes sure the rigs are always ready when you have a crew of 35 and only 5 of you show up weekly to make sure they are fire responce ready. i'm one of the 5.
Can I be an Old Officer and a New Guy at the same time, if I can then that is what I am.
Prioritizer The guy that rates the call and determines if it meets their criteria for their response

Core person People that are the dependables that really run the department, the grunts that are always there doing what needs to be done

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