If you could pick any spot on the department, what would it be and why would you want that spot?

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My favorite spots would be riding as the bar man on the truck or possibly tillerman. On the engine I would definitely want to be line man. In DC the bar man carries the bar(halligan) and an axe or sledge.(whatever he prefers) On most truck companies he goes in alone ahead of the engine company to force doors/search.(No he is not freelancing because he is alone. He has a specific job to do.) Tillerman is great because you get technician pay, don't have to be detailed out of the fire house or to an ambulance, and get to still do firefighting work.(Gets to go to the roof unlike a wagon driver that stay out by the pump.)
Right where I am today....Only change might be starting at an earlier age...I really do love what I do....even as a Vollie....
If you want to explain you can.
driver/pump operator
I think I would want to be either a captain or lt. I never was captain and spent a year at LT till I had to move to asst chief. With my other fd I am still a firefighter and driver. So I still get the fun there and most times help them out doing officer things and the up keep of the trucks.
Where ever I'm needed. although... being on the nozzle would be good!
I have had every spot on the Department an have to say I wouldnt trade the one I have for any other. Its good to be Chief.
Was it an ALF, or a Ward LaFrance? It looks boxed and I thought ALF's were more rounded. My first rig was a Ward, that's why I wonder. I am ashamed to admit, I only ever saw three episodes of Emergency. I hang my head in shame.
In 19 years I have been on the Tiller, Ladder, Heavy Rescue, Tanker, and Engine. Been in the front in the back and behind the wheel. In all the years the one place I love the most...... is right beside that rookie and watching him become a firefighter. The look in their eyes, and the reaction to their getting their cherry popped. During training when they feel the heat, and are learning how to survive, rescue, and put it out, to the moment they come home black, wet, smelling like fire, and seeing them lose the rookie status. That's what I love. My men. Wherever they are, that's the spot I like.
Me could me a Ward. That sounds more correct than ALF. But I will take comfort in the fact that I at least got the LeFrance part right :).
i wouldn't mind ridding backwards for the rest of my time..... best seat in the house. But that could change......
Sorry folks, for bumping this back.. I just read Cap bzzeeee's kind words and wanted to say thanks. Its much appreciated, and gives me even more reason to fight back and get back to work as soon as I can.
This site is the only real connection to the fire service I have right now, and as you can tell, I have opinions! lol
Yes, thats the 2nd Engine 51 (the first was the ALF open Cab) Ward Lafrance. Ahead of it, was the original Dodge squad 51 with the famous Federal twin sonic light bar.
My how things have changed! still a good enough series to watch, and pick apart now that we are older and wiser lol
Ok, back to the serious posts!

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