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I lost count after 12-14, including 2 working fires.

To the guy who had 90 - WOW! Even on our busiest EMS days I don't think we did half of that!
When I was a rookie (22 years ago) The pumper (engine) I was on ran two second alarm fires and 9 other calls (medical and false alarms) in a 14 hour night shift to break that stations record. But I have been on other trucks in the middle of the city that ran that many false alarms and nothing else in 10 hour days. We a;ways bug those guys about smelling like lobby, not
Vic.....I know what you mean about losing count, there are days now that I can't even remember running a call We have been on the 24 hour shift for five years now, the first few it was fun to see how many calls we ran in 24 hours, but now its just another call.
On New Years Eve, I did 30 jobs in 12 hours, 23 of them actual transports to the ED. The remaining 7 calls were RMA's, PD assists and one fire standby.
The busiest day in recent memory for us doesn't compare to some of these posts. We recently ran two working structures, a grass fire and about 5 EMS calls in one 24 hour period. We're a small volunteer department. Our average is 2 calls a day.
26 calls in a 10 hour period when a tornado touch down several time with wide spread damage and injuries. Now that I am a Battalion Captain and run with seven stations, it is not out of the norm to run anywhere from 10 to 25 calls every shift.
I kind of miss the small rueal department, 3 calls in a week was a lot. The City of Toronto has somewhere around 135 frontline apparatus (Aerials, Pumpers, Squads, Haz-mat, etc) I drive a District Chief's van now and we have 16 of those (Battalion Chiefs) My Car runs about 2200 a year and the top one is around 4500 a year. That is MVC's requiring extrication, multipule patient medicals, All fire alarms, Haz-mat and even Vehicle fires on the Highways.
My busiest was 22 in 24hrs on a Squad.
keep em coming
I average about 18-22 every tour(24 hours) on my engine company. I have no idea what the most was though.
On the medic 25 in a 14hr night work the medic I was on does around 7000 run a year. On an engine I did 17 in a 14hr night work that particular engine does around 3600 runs a year.

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