Volunteer Service: Does your volunteer fire department supplement you ?

A very important discussion was held during my company meeting and was wondering how many other volunteer fire departments have this issue. In the event that a members gets significantly injured during a call does the department have a supplement insurance to assist the members with his/her bills. We all know that workmans compensation pays next to nothing and with this economy a person could liose there house if they were the only provider in the household. I have supplemental insurance to cover me but I pay for that out of my pocket. Does your volunteer department cover its members with supplemental insurance ?

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I am a volunteer and currently no the department does not. BUT, i also sell AFLAC for a living and just got the boards approval to offer it to the department. Since we are paid per call we are W-2 employees of the township so i got them a payroll rate, which is cheaper than buying it directly. Of course it is up to them if they want it or not. I am currently in the process of offering it to several other volunteer departments in my area.
No we do not have supplemental assistance for our volunteers beyond Workmans Com.
My personal feeling that if there was anything that the volunteer service was going to do for its members would be to get some sort of supplemental insurance for them in case they are injured. I have Aflac at work for FDNY and although I have not used it (knock on wood), its nice to know that its there in case I do get injured. I am not sure how it would work for a strictly volunteer service as far as cost but its gonna be worth it. One member who could potentially lose everything he has because he volunteers would really set back the volunteer service I feel.

Just my own personal opinion.
We have a policy for accident and sickness in case you get injured at a call.We have had it for a few years now and I'm not sure we have ever had a claim filed on it.Ours is through Provident Ins.
I have a policy of my own that I pay out of pocket for.I have had it for 20 yrs. now.It's worth the price I pay for it.
we have BVFF Board of Volunteer FireFighters, and from what i understand is it covers your wagesand medical bills till you are able to return to work again. I am not a volunteer anymore and never had to use it when i was, but from the guys i have talked to in my dept they say it takes good care of them.
You can use your AFLAC policy even if you go to a chiropractor. Also, make sure you are getting your wellness benefit each year. they will pay you for not using it.
We are covered through the Village....as we are considered "employees" while on calls....and then we have additional life insurance as well...
We have a relief fund for those who are in need.
We also have a relief association.
In MA we have the call/ volunteer association that supplies health insurance for call and volunteer firefighters if they need it or want it.
Do you feel that the department should pay for the insurance or should the member ??
I think that either the community pay it or the Department pay it...Members give enough in the form of time, commitment and yes, even from time to time money.

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