to DELETE or NOT to DELETE!!! Shouldn't the WEB CHIEF be the only one permitted to Delete?

This is getting pretty frustrating, to me at least.. maybe some of you also.

When I take the time to respond to a thread, good or bad, agree or disagree, sensible or no sense at all, I tend to like to follow that thread until it gets redundant.

Too many times, some of these threads just disappear for no reason.

Would it not be a good Idea, if the Web chief alone, were the only person who could delete anything once it was posted on here?

I won't be specific, but just a general "throw it out there" comment to see what the concensus is.


Maybe it's my computer!  I was told if I upgraded from a Commodore 64 things would work better on here..

Just food for thought folks!


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I believe ffchick, and Mike have some good points on this one. I myself have been guilty of commenting on a post too quick out of frustration. It does get frustrating when one deletes their post too quick because they have thin skin and didn't get the answers they were looking for!
Here I go again.

Under Common Law, the one posting the thread has "ownership" of that thread. Now the postings should conform to the TOS set out by the site administrator, and if it doesn't, then the site administrator has every right to delete or close the thread. But this applies to the original poster as well. If he/she decides to delete the thread for whatever reason, generally speaking, he/she may at will.

None of my postings have ever been met with anything but complete agreement from those replying, so I don't have to delete them, (notice the heavy sarcasm) but should someone not agree with me, I'd probably leave it just to piss someone off. (Of course I'd never do that)

Both sides have merit -- this is a social network and JUST like Facebook and elsewhere, USERS control their content. On some forum sites, only moderators/admins can REMOVE a thread once it's started, but .. any user could any time leave this site and remove all of their content when they do. Either way, since the platform doesn't have an option to restrict who can delete what threads, what we have is what it is.

I prefer to have my comments left alone - the good, the bad and the ugly. If I knew ahead of time someone was going to delete a comment I had taken the time to compose, I wouldn't bother in the first place.
Except for the case mentioned above (a good point why incident pictures probably shouldn't be uploaded), if someone deletes their post because of flack, disagreement, etc, I think it serves to show that person's character. This site appears to have a long memory. Nothing like being known as the schmuck that deletes his (or her) posts (or replies) when it starts to get dark and smokey.
I don't think ANY post should be beleted unless it is profanity or posted just to start a fight...
Thanks everyone for your input.
I can't disagree with many of the points made already. Some threads that inadvertantly got put on, not through any bad intentions etc. should be taken off if it causes grief from or with agencies involved. Chief Mike, excellent point, and I would certainly agree in your case. Making fun of ourselves is one thing, but involving other unsuspecting agencies, thats something else, and certainly I don't think the bad relations it can cause, is worth the laughs it was intented to bring.
I posted this not to direct attention to any single deletion. Like some, I do find it quite rude for us to go out of our way and give the best thoughts we know how, and even some snotty comments etc.. only to have it removed without notice.
Perhaps when a thread is deleted, maybe the contents could be dropped, but the title remain, such as in the case when the web chief closes a thread.. At least we would have a clue, and not waste further time searching etc. Just another brain wave. Sorry web, chief.. not trying to create more work for you. I can't imagine how much effort goes into maintaining the site.. which by the way.. I have to say, job well done, and hopefully it continues.

Thanks again for your input, I will now delete this thread before someone calls me a name! lol
Hey Jack, we like it dark and smokey.....................
What's wrong with the picture? There was no one visible, it looked liek any other car into a fence...
Wouldn't know. I think disputes are healthy. We have them in life all the time. A lot of the time it serves to bring out lots of view points and people can learn a lot from having other views than full agreements. How boring would this be if we all agreed with everything. Sometimes we're right sometimes we're wrong, who cares, differences are good. But to leave it entirely to the web Chief may not be the best. If you posted it, you should have the right to take it down as well.

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