Does anyone know when they offer their next course?
As well can anybody tell me what it's like there, daily things, atmopshere and so on...

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Ah, nm figured out when they offer it.
Is anyone starting on the 11th?
Its alot of fun I went for there summer week long school mmm 2 years ago and learned alot had an operatunity to go there but chose a better academy my advice is find the dixie chicken the best food in the town and a great atmosphere
hahaha! right on, dixie chicken eh.... never had!
what accademy did you goto instead?
Brayden Fire Training Field is one of the best training facilities in the world. They have several different schools throughout the year. They include Texas accredited fire academies, a volunteer week in July and and foreign firefighter week in June. (The foreign firefighter week is really awsome, you get to see how different the job is around the world.) They also have Diaster City where they can simulate building colapse, train wrecks, and just about anything else you can imagine. If you are planning on going to during the volunteer week, make sure you make reservations well in advance at a hotel/motel, take plenty of money to eat on and drink a ton of water while you are there. Make sure your turnout gear is NFPA compliant and drink a ton of water while you are there....did I mention that's hot by the way! I have in the past attended several weeks of training there and I learned a ton.
Also, there are a couple of establishments that everyone hits during the "off" hours, if you go, don't drink to much because that enviroment on the training field will make you pay for a wild night out.
Good luck and have a blast.
I went to a online academy here in texas Its called

They have the best pass fail rate on the ifsac seals in the country and you do all the bookwork online then you have 2 weeks of hands-on in the field intense training

I would recommend this academy for anyone because if you have enough of a "want to drive" to get through the book work. You get down there you will have no problem finishing. When you get through the academy and they look on that resume at the academy you went through that will give you a small boost up in the hiring ranks.
Atleast that is what some chiefs have told me

Its eather that or Im just a badass lol j/k
One thing to be aware of when it comes to online academies, some departments will not accept your certificate if you recieved it through an online academy. Our department does not recognize online certifications. Several other departments in Texas our also doing this. Just a thought!
I don't know why they wouldn't accept them, if they meet the requirements of NFPA 1001, are sanctioned by TCFP and/or SFFMA, then what's the issue?

Allison, the TEEX website is They post the training schedule and classes in advance of the schools and the website also listed contact names and phone numbers. I have taken a number of courses there and concur with Cody about the hydration issues.
Also Bring Your Appatite For Some Great Mexican Food!!
Yea that's what I was thinking...
I don't know how it works at all but I think you can transfer that seal so it's applicable to where you are. I have no idea lol.
Wow, thanks everyone for the input!
I really wanted to do the 3 months in Texas, but I applied too late and wouldn't be able to go till next year. Was looking to squeeze it in before April, cause I go back up North for another wildfire season. Annndd, Ottawa starts recruiting in February so I was hoping to get a little one up since I don't have any other fire training.
I'm also looking into TrainingDivision, but haven't commited yet...
You can also sign up for email notifications of up coming classes. A lot easier than going to the website every few days.

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