Hey all,

I know that the NFPA sets the service life for turnout coats and pants at ten years but I was wondering what about helmets and boots? I don't recall seeing anything in the NFPA or my state WAC's (I'm from Washington and OSHA allows our states L&I to govern our rules and regs) about the service life for structural boots and helmets.

Has anyone seen anything that pertains to the service life of helmets or boots? Maybe I just missed the part in the NFPA and WAC's where it covers it, or is it covered in with the turnouts?. Also, if there isn't anything stating a service life on these items, what is your departments policy on how long they are used for and at what point from wear/tear do they get removed from use?

Thanks, and stay safe!

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Good question. Not sure but we are looking into this pretty hard. We are not a huge department and don't run many calls and we now there are other departments that run a lot less and do not have the budget to follow such a regulation. So we are asking around to see what is and isn't covered.

From what I've been told EVERYTHING is 10 yrs helmet,hoods,gloves,boots and of course the gear.

This is what we have found out helmet's are included. Rubber boots normally won't last 10 years anyway's and if you have certain leather boots you can have them resoled and recertified.  

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