South Carolina Firefighters Struck Battling Roadside Brush Fire; One Dead, Another Critically Injured

Reprinted with Permission

RICHLAND COUNTY, SC (WIS) - One firefighter is dead and another in critical condition after a vehicle accident on I-20 Saturday afternoon.

South Carolina Highway Patrol says two fire trucks responded to a brush fire on I-20 in the median near Clemson Road. Two firefighters were outside the truck attending to the fire when they were hit by a car. Around 2:15 PM, a 2006 Chevrolet Impala slowed for the emergency vehicles parked on the side of the highway. A 1997 Chevrolet van then rear ended the Impala. The Impala struck the two fire trucks and then struck the two firefighters.

Larry Irvin, 30, of Columbia was transported by helicopter to Palmetto Health Richland. He is in critical, but stable condition. Columbia Interim Fire Chief Aubrey Jenkins says the other firefighter passed away Saturday night at the hospital. Chief Jenkins says both men worked for the Columbia Fire Department. He asks that the community pray for the families as well as members of the Columbia-Richland Fire Department.

Highway Patrol says the drivers of both the Impala and the van were not injured. There were also six passengers in the van ranging in age from one to 35. None of the passengers were injured either.

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Sad. Another example of doing everything we can do right but we can never rule out accidents beyond our control. We must be vigilant to protect and watch out for one another. Our thoughts are with this Agency and the families connected.
Friggin rubber-neckers. Prayers go out to the families of the fallen and injured FF's and the brothers and sisters at his station.I know it don't always take the pain away but may send some comfort their way.

My cheif says the more blocker trucks the better and I stand by that 100 %.We've had some cops say that they don't like calling fire because they bring all their apparatus and block roads and I hope that read this and understand why.The more you bring the better things are especially on major roads and highways!!!
Absolutely horrifying. My heart goes out to these guys' families and the department. I hope they hang the driver of the van for manslaughter.
God Speed to the brothers in Columbia. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.
A simply tragic event and an all to common one as well. I understand that we can't take all of the danger out of the job, but we, as a Fire Service, have to do something. We need to take this time to mourn, reflect, and refocus.
My condolances to the families.....
This doesn't surprise me. I'm stationed at a firehouse that respondes to incidents on a nearby highway. Vehicles very rarely slow down for big red firetrucks with flashing red lights, and rubber neckers are even worse. I've experienced countless times of that "too close for comfort" feeling with motorists breaking motor vehicle laws by not slowing and moving one lane over. Everyone's in such a hurry I'm surprised this type of story doesn't come up more often.
We actually blocked both lanes of the road to try and keep people from plowing through the scene and what did they do..... They drove on the shoulder and one guy even drove in the ditch to get to the other side.....
Our thoughts and prayer go out to their Department and our Brother families. If we could just get drivers to slow down when they come across a emergency scene.
Alot of people think we are "brave" for going into a burning building. Fire does not bother the highway scares me bad. Too much out of my hands.
My prayers and heart goes out to all involved.
My prayers go out to the family and to the Columbia-Richland Fire Dept. God the Creature of ALL things has all things in control. Even if don't understand why this way, but God's ways are best. May God Bless the Fallen and injured FF.
Prayer to our brothers in SC but as I always say it's better to shut down the road and piss of the police and the public than to have cars flying by with drivers that are rubbernecking.

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