Our department recently had a pretty bad tractor trailer accident and thank God the driver was extricated 2 1/2 hours later, alive.  It really was a miracle.  I've begun to notice that people seem to be looking for people to say thanks and for recognition. 


Someone confronted them about this and many people have gotten very defensive.  What do you think?...Should people be "fishing" for this thanks and should you really have to pat someone on the back EVERYTIME they do something?

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thats right chief there are members in the deparment that are decieving them self all the time. They keep posting stuff all the time about calls to better them self and the " I'm such a great fireman" . Well i'm just venting out of anger.
the people are fishing from out side the department

When this comes up, you should remember these words... You can't expect folks to notice much about anything. And you cannot work this job, expecting anything but a hard time from your Captain. That's the way things are and should be. Firefighters are suppose to be humble. We all know that we are cool. It's the insecure person who needs to be praised all the time.

Tips for Insecure Firefighters:

1. Get a dog. They will never judge you and will always love you. And the only shit they will give you is on the lawn...
2. Learn about the concept of self-referral. Tell yourself how bitchin' you are. Seriously, take the time to look in the mirror and let yourself know that you are doing just fine. You don't need anyone else to be your mommy, telling you how wonderful you are. We already know. To expect more is being just plain conceited.
3. Spend the time you would be wasting wondering why people don't acknowledge your presence by using this same time to find ways to make things better, and this includes peoples lives.
4. Volunteer or take your fire truck to a grammar school. Trust me, everyone there will treat you like a hero.
5. Make it a point to do something kind for someone everyday. Do this enough times and maybe, and I mean maybe, you might earn a pat on the back... :D


"You would be amazed at what you can get accomplished if you don't care who gets the credit..." Ronald Reagan
Mmm....good advise.

I came home frome Iraq on a civilian plane in a civilian outfit....and never said a word....I knew what I needed to know, and there was never anything to say, and I'm glad for that, because I never, ever, had the desire to bullshit with some guy in an airport bar about "that shit"........if I was going to B.S. in a bar about something, I'd rather it be about something random....

That goes for today...if I'm going to B.S. about something in my local bar.....let it be about something dumb that just comes up...not about THAT ONE...that happeneded the other day

If you're going to volunteer, find out why you want to do it...and then do it.

I bet if you think doing this job isn't worth your life....it's probably not worth your time to do it for glory...but if you think like me, and think it's worth it for the community...then you're reading this....

If you're doing this for the glory and praise, then you've probably never even heard of firefighternation.com.....and this post will never reach your much needed-to-hear ears.........
I agree with a lot that has been said everything from the tech-inspired instant gratification that so many people seem to need now to the fact that most of the people that need THIS wake up call probably arent reading the posts, or if they are truly feel that we are talking about other people not THEM. To be honest I can work my job for 2-3 months or more and other than the "hey thanks for _______" right after a run from the guys get no particular praise. Then from out of nowhere my Chief will say "Good Job Liv, I notice what you bring to the department/community" or something similar. To be honest I almost think he does it to mess with my head cause it kinda creeps me out a little and I almost start to second guess myself. Sounds crazy I know. But I feel if we do our jobs right every damn day we put the uniform on our "good deeds" shouldnt stand out. Our major fuckups/ save of the century stand out.
I think I'm cynical enough at this point that if I hear "Thanks" I'm going to take it as sarcasim and wonder what that s.o.b. really meant by that....
Captain Busy.. your post was balls on accurate.
I do my job, I don't expect to hear "thank you".
When people call us "heroes".. I tell them the heroes are those who gave their lives to save others.

If you are in this job to get "recognition".... then you are not doing your job... period.
Fishing for "thanks" shows lack of self esteem.
If you want a little something for recognition, pull a tooth and stick it under your pillow.
You want to be a firefighter?
Then, do your job, train hard and don't expect others to feel good about what you do.
If you are looking for attention, the cameras or the news reporters, then you aren't going to last very long.
Trolling for thank you sounds like some hideous game show.
I want to puke when I see our superpowers being used for evil rather than good.
We'll get our pats on the back...
From St. Peter or a reasonable facsimile thereof. :-)
Fish for thanks?

I wouldn't know what kind of bait to use!
I think what you are seeing is a result of the latest issue of education in public schools. We have removed the "winner" and "loser" and flattened out competition. We teach that "everyone did a good job". Hearing this "praise" (with no winners or losers) has developed a mind set of constantly needing to hear that their efforts are being recognized. It's a shame.

We all need to find what drives us and motivates us from within. We also need to receive our own self fulfillment from within also. Hearing "thanks" from someone is ok, but it should not be why we do what we do! We do what we do because we know it needs to be done, and we are willing to do it. We drive ourselves to be the best we can be for our own motives, and not outside praise.

If you have glory hounds, then you have people who have other problems. They need to be watched because these are the people who will push the envelope and will be the first to violate policy and procedures to "be the hero". What ever happened to humility?
Loved the graphic BZY. You have something for everything.

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