Should All FD have the same color turnouts? What color do you prefer?

Hey Y'all
Should all FD have the same color turnouts? If so, what color?
Also, what color turnouts do you prefer?
What do you think works better; black, yellow, silver, orange...ect?

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Simple answer is No. If they were all the same, it would be impossible to tell guys apart on a scene. There is something to be said for a little variation. Whether it is the gear color, or just the striping.
well I have worn tan, and I like it. But as far as what works better it does not matter what color it is, except in silver which is for air ports, as long as it gets the job done.
To me it doesn't matter what color it is as long as it gets the job done and your completly covered in it hey there ya go..
It doesnt matter as long as it protects us!
To answer your question
No, Black,Black,Black.

Also this topic has been covered like 10 times already.
We have had Black turnouts for as long as I've been Chief (18 years). I have always liked them and would not change unless I felt there was a good reason beyond what we do now. They are Black with Glowflex tripple trim. They do not show all the stains and stuff that gets on them. We have them laundered regularly and they continue to look professional and clean. Besides that the troups like them. What more can I ask?
i prefer black,it looks cleaner,,wont show as much stains,,plus yellow doesnt go good with my eyes lol
I think it doesnt matter. Black with yellow looks sharper. but, its also darker at night. and if you live where its very hot and humd, you dont want to have black turnouts.

I have had both. black and tan
No and we have Tan but does not matter what color it is as long as it protects you
No. we use tan with green stripping.
NO. Different coat colors helps with FD accountability ID. We have tan with orange stripes.

* Now helmets on the other hand, that's another problem. There should be a national standard in helmet color id...White Chief Officer, Red Captains, Yellow LT, Blue Safety Officer, etc. It would be so much easier and uniform. This will surely raise some heck.

Stay safe, train often and share knowledge.

It's consistency in image and presentation.

It will also give FD's better buying power with suppliers as they can bulk order/supply, etc.

We have statewide emergency services (1 Police Force, 1 Ambulance service, etc) and each service has consistency.

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